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This section will be used to showcase “How to guides”
From the very basics right up to advanced techniques like automated betting and placing bets using spreadsheets.

7 thoughts on “Education – How to guides

  1. I would be very interested in your Masterclass but am not sure how to contact you (I dont do FB or twatter)!!

    can I do it from here?

  2. Hi Steve,

    Ive been working through the content on your site as i would like to start sport trading.However im a beginner so wonfered if you had any content to help those such as myself? The ‘How to guides’ dont seem to be apppearing on my phone, laptop or tablet. I would love to come to.conventry on your day course but fear i will not have enough basic knowledge to keep up. Please advise , many thanks

    • Hi Tina,
      The way my Workshop is structured is to give everyone the best chance of understanding how are market works. I’ll add in countless scenarios and ways to find your entry and exit points.
      It really is a case of “You don’t know wht you don’t know”. So even if you have 5 years experience, if you don’t know what I am showing you, then you are in exactly the same position as a beginner anyway.
      Where my Workshop stands apart from everything else is the option to upgrade to what we are now calling the “Mastermind group”. This is where you can really set about learning to trade in a group of like-minded traders, all wanting to help each other progress. With daily access to full-time professional traders on hand to answer your questions and help you on your journey. Get booked up! I am about to revamp my bookings page and some new testimonials, read though them and see what you think. Cheers Steve

  3. Hi steve i want to learn football betfair trading
    So i am ready to take one to one lession one day you need to teach me how exate make £50-100 profit each day
    Please guide me
    Mitul parikh

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