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I am always trying to strive to give you the very best help in learning to trade that I can. Over the years my Workshops and Mentor programs have taken many guises. I have used all my experience in this to come up with some new options.
They are both high quality and very good value for money.
There are 3 tiers to what is on offer from me. Before you decide what may be the best option for you, you may want to consider carefully the next paragraph.

"Physical" or Online? You can now choose

I have always been very honest and up front about the difficulties of learning how the Pre Race markets work. no matter what education package you buy, and however it is with. Anyone who tells you differently is not being straight with you. This isn’t easy. My packages are designed with this in mind.

Everything I do starts with the Racing Workshop. As we speak my Workshops are held in Coventry. But over the months ahead I am taking the Racing Workshop on tour around the UK. I have no firm dates or locations yet.

I can also now offer an ONLINE VERSION of my workshop

The support packages are very similar, but for full details of my Online Workshop. Please visit my Online Workshop site.
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Content of Workshops

I will start with the basic things you should be doing. I cannot believe how many people do not consider some of the basic disciplines that I expect all Pro Traders do at all important. If you want to improve your trading and take it to the next level (s) you need to know what you should be doing. After all, you “don’t know what you don’t know”!
Once the basics are covered, we will move on to how the racing markets are structured and what the signals that move the market are, and where to find them.
We will look in-depth at different scenarios and how to apply the signals to a market. Learning how to structure Back and Lay trades with safety and the protection of your bank always at the forefront of what we do.

By the end of the Workshop, you will understand what the signals are that drive the market. Where to find them and how to use them to find your trades.
This is the beginning of your trading education.

Each workshop will follow the same format, no matter where it’s held. During the time you are with me as my guest, there will be hot/cold beverages and a nice lunch provided. Workshop begin at 9:00am prompt and finish at 5:00pm. As in all my dealings with aspiring traders, I encourage a “no silly questions” policy. That means I do not consider ANY question “silly” or not worthwhile answering with honesty.


Package 1- Bronze – Cost £229 – Option to upgrade after workshop

28th October 2019 – in Coventry

  • Attend a Racing Workshop
  • Access to 20 of my very best trading videos – Each trade broken down and a structured trade placed. No ambiguity, No BS.
  • Access to my “Hacks” portfolio of videos. Little tricks that can help you.
  • Email support
  • Option to purchase access to future video reel packs. A new pack every month containing 10 new high-quality content videos. These are not for sale unless you have completed a Racing Workshop.



Package 2 – Silver (6-month all inclusive) Cost £495
28th October 2019 – in Coventry
As BRONZE package PLUS

  • 75 extra trading videos. Some of the older videos, raw videos as you may have seen on YouTube. BUT at a much higher level of explanation.
  • Access to 10 new videos every month for 6 months (60 videos)
  • An invitation to my monthly closed webinar for 6 months
  • Access to my legendary Skype community. Interact with like-minded people, all within a culture of support and learning.
  • My Morning Racing strategy and access to the app for 6 months

Option to continue after 6 months for a monthly fee (£25 per month)



Package 3 – Gold Cost £995

28th October 2019 – in Coventry

(Payment Plan available- please ask)
This is for people that want to take their trading to a high level. It requires a 12-month commitment.
You will receiveNothing to pay during the 12 months

  • Entrance to a Racing Workshop
  • All video material to date – (A vast amount)
  • Access to all new videos over the 12 month period
  • Invitations to my closed webinars over the 12 months
  • Access to my Skype community for 12 months
  • Access to my Online Workshop FREE OF CHARGE

* Goal setting*
**Personal trading plan**
***Monthly coaching call with Steve***

This works out at a fraction over £19 PER WEEK

Option to carry on after the 12 months for a monthly fee (£25)
* Goal setting: We will discuss your goals and set achievable targets based on your skill level. Targets are not monetary.
** Trading Plan: We will put together a trading plan based on your goals and level of experience. This will plot your progress and maximise your time with me.
*** Coaching Call.: We will discuss your progress, your problems and readjust your trading plan to take this into account. I will guide, push and empathise. I will also hold you to account to ensure you get the maximum benefit.


What is the suitability of each package?

I am a firm believer in keeping things as simple as I can. There is something for everyone like I said “you don’t know what you don’t know“.

So whatever your level, you will pick something new up.

I think if you are at the start of your trading journey, or have been trading a while, but haven’t got anywhere at all. The Gold package will be of huge benefit for you. For less than an average weekly visit to the Indian Take-a-Way!

Whatever you choose it will need dedication, time and discipline. These have to come from you.
My commitment to you is a given. I desperately want to see you succeed.

If you are thinking about joining me and need any clarification, or are just unsure whether I can help you. Why not book a call and talk to me about it. It won’t be a “sales call”. just straightforward and honest advice as to you may benefit from one of my training packages.