Issue No7 Inside Track – Review of Advice

I just wanted to share with you what I said to the readers of the Inside Track this weekend. This is the “heads up section”

The Weekend Heads Up
Well last weekend saw some excellent results on the heads up. Here is what I have this weekend:
Something has caught my eye. In Serie A Palermo v Bologna are playing on Sunday, They have the 3rd highest volume traded on any of the weekends football matches in the 4 big leagues in match odds. 3 times more than Stoke v Man Utd on same day hmmmmmm. Palermo at 2.08 is where it’s at. I am tempted to steam into this in a big way. But this stinks. Big time. So who knows what is going on. Usually on a bent game the draw is the favoured bet. Anyway thought I’d share that.
The other movers i think may be. Southampton at home to West Ham Utd currently @ 1.93. The other one I like is Everton @ 1.47. I think they will drift.

Southampton moved in form the 1.93 I advised into 1.80 – 13 ticks

Everton drifted to 1.53 from 1.47 – 6 ticks

Palermo went off at 1.8. I didn’t advise this, but once the confirmation came it as a no brainer really if you were watching it. This morning it was 2.04. A 24 tick move. very strange! But I saw it coming so feeling pretty smug about that. Sorry.

So if you haven’t signed up for the FREE, NO CATCH, NO SPAM bulletin, you need to be asking yourself why not. I have gave out trades over the last 3 weekends that have made over 80 ticks!

These are BIG TICKS. In a high liquidity slow moving market, low risk market.

2 thoughts on “Issue No7 Inside Track – Review of Advice

  1. Hi Mugs .
    Thanks for the heads up on that palermo match..i was awake at 7am on sun and got on it at 2.06….im working with a small bank but still managed to get 36 euros out of it,which was great because then my mouse packed up an hour later. and i had to spend 40 euros on a new one .ive been working and sadly didnt get to look at the others, so i missed out on then….from all the struggling traders trying to get a fiew extra quid to keep things right ,,
    i thank you…

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