Portfolio Bets: 19th – 22nd April: Added Review

Last week was without doubt a disaster.Lets hope for some better luck this week!

Update: It was better 6/7 gives us a profit of 9.08 pts!


Bor, Monchengladbach v Ausberg ko FRIDAY 19:30

Monchengladbach WIN  1 pt @ 2.45 VCBet  WON +1.45 pts


Swansea v Southampton ko Sat 15:00

Swansea WIN 1 pt @ 2.34 (various) LOST – 1pt

Spurs v Man City ko Sun 13:30

Spurs DNB 1 pt @ 2.38 Corals  WON +1.38 Pts

La Liga

Deportivo v Alt Bilbao ko Sun 16:00

Under 2.5 Goals 1 pt @ 2.15 VCBet WON +1.15

Seire A

Genoa v Atalanta ko Sat 17:00

BTTS “YES” 1pt @ 2 William Hill WON +1 pt

Udinese v Lazio ko Sat 19:45

Udinese WIN 2 pts @ 2.45 William Hill WON + 2.9 pts

Inter v Parma ko Sum 11:30

Inter WIN 2pts @ 2.1 VCBet WON +2.2 pts

port small 21st  april


4 thoughts on “Portfolio Bets: 19th – 22nd April: Added Review

  1. Hi MG,
    Loved your trading vids today! I was on the last one with you and made a whopping £9! I’m over the moon. Less so at the two trades I put on this morning and then somehow got mixed up with the time and missed the races without closing. Hence, a £70 loss!!! Won’t be making that mistake again.
    If only I understood what your football weekend outlook meant, and I might have a go with that too.
    For example. what does this actually mean? Should I be backing Swansea to win at 2.34?

    Swansea v Southampton ko Sat 15:00

    Swansea WIN 1 pt @ 2.34 (various)
    Thanks as ever – a disastrous day, but lessons learnt!


    • Just to confirm Kev, It’s a win bet on Swansea. There are quite a lot of straight win bets this weekend for some reason.

  2. Nice one Kev, this week’s Portfolio bets make up for last weeks nightmare. We are back on track now. The most lucrative bets are the ones I send out in the inside track. You just need a tight stop loss on these. 4 ticks max is my SL.
    The week Sprus made 11 ticks, 3.25 into 2.88. Arsenal 1.71 into 1.59 (12 ticks) and QPR 2.28 into 2.18 (5 ticks) which makes up for the 5 tick loss on Norwich. These are big earners for me. Glad you made a few quid mate – Cheers MG

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