Portfolio Bets Review 31st March

The first match to get underway was Inter v Juventus. This was always going to be a tough one. Advised at 2.45 – It drifted out to 2.8 on Betfair and 2.7 on VCBet. Juventus scored after 3mins. This put us on the back foot from the start. Inter equalised after 54 mins. I though we were in with a shout. Unfortunately this was short lived as Juve got a 2nd and held on until the end. A loss of 2 pts.

The “Banker” of the week was Bayer Leverkusen away to Dusseldorf. I said in my initial analysis that I thought we were getting 10/11 for a 4/9 shot. After taking the lead after 22 mins I was disappointed to see it 1-1 at HT. I didn’t take too long for Leverkusen to find their rhythm after the break. It ended 1-4. A profit of 2.73 points

The other Bundesliga match was Freiburg v Borussia MGB. 0-0 at HT I feared the worst. My fears were founded as it ended 2-0, with the 2nd goal coming in injury time. These bets are based on value. They sometimes lose. This is such an occasion. A Loss of 2 pts

On to La Liga where we had 2 matches

Vallacano v Malaga was a 15:00 ko. I spotted big value in Malaga in the MO market. My 3 season sheet had them at 3.32 and the last 10 match query against similar graded teams had them even shorter at 2.67. An average of this is 3. Best M.O was 4.75. My original bet which I wrote out was Malaga 2pts away win at 4.75. When looking for confirmation I discovered that Vallacano had won 3 out of the last 6 against similar graded teams (“B” Grade). This rang a few alarm bells. I down graded the bet to 1spt and DNB at 3.5. I basically erased 5 pts profit as the game ended 1-3 to Malaga. Hindsight is a beautiful thing isn’t it? The ethos that has guided me though my traded career has always been “protect your bank”. It sucks sometimes! A profit of 2.5 pts.

The evening k.o was Levante v Sevilla. I advised a 2pt bet on Levante at 2.55. They were a big drifter and by k.o were 7/4 (2.75). I know Anth got on at 2.88 (he told me on Twitter) My cautios approach here was expensive also. In MO I had Levante as a 2.06 over 3 seasons and 1.82 last 10 matches. In the last 10 homes against similar grades Levante had won 6 and drawn 2. In the last 10 away matches Sevilla had won 1 and drew 4. This was screaming out as huge value. My 2pt DNB yielded a profit of 3.1 pts.

Last game of the weekend was Aston Villa v Liverpool. Always going to be a tough one considering Villa’s position. However I considered the value big enough to give it a crack. When Villa took the lead the DNB price was around fluctuating between 1.64 – 1.72. I took advantage of this and took out my liability. To try to add trades like this into the results sheet would be a nightmare. The bets are stand alone bets. However, there is an opportunity in many of the matches to reduce liabilities or lock in profit. I certainly do it. However, the Bet goes down as a 1pt loss.

So overall a profit on the week of 3.33pts. An overall profit of 16.48 pts.

port week 31

Perhaps the muppet on the Bet Angel forum who is trolling my recommendation of the BetFormPro software, based on my “admission” that I personally know the vendors of this software should stop taking the bets straight from the free newsletter that their sister site produces.  I believe that you get out what you put in. I put in a few hours work a week on these and you can see the results. Lazy guessers like this make me smile. You never see them do anything. Egged on by other clueless guessers they just poke fun at others who have the balls to stick there neck out. You guys know why I recommend the BetFormPro software. I use it because it works for me. I have also explained why I have affiliate links. It means I can keep the site FREE. If anyone thinks I make loads of money from them think again. But I don’t see why I should be out of pocket because I help others win money. If you don’t want to try the software don’t bother. I couldn’t care less. If you try it and can’t make it work during the free trail, just cancel. If you are just too lazy (a bit like the troll I guess) then just use my selections while I am posting them. If you, like him think I am trying to trick you in some way and doubt my integrity, then jog on, nothing to interest you here 🙂 It’s all very simple.

The guys who know me from the BA forum. You’re very welcome here. I won’t be posting on the BA forum anymore. Like the troll says. I have spat my dummy out and took my toys away.

Sorry about the rant. I am not having some little turd taking the piss out of me without a response. I won’t respond on the BA forum out of respect for Peter Webb (who I also know btw).


10 thoughts on “Portfolio Bets Review 31st March

  1. Hi MG
    I just want to say your weekend portfolio bets are the bees knees. Personally I don’t think you have to justify your affiliate links to anyone. This site with your very profitable recommendations must take up a significant amount of your time yet it is totally free. The people who cannot appreciate that are the losers imo. Even if you do not post on BA again please keep up the good work here. Everytime I visit this site I learn something new.

    • Cheers Brian, Just ranting lol. I just want to be up front. It’s a shame about BA, there are loads of terrific guys on there. Like any public forum it attracts these trolls. All the BA guys know where to find me if they have any interest in what I have to say. Like I say, they are very welcome. My blog isn’t about making me money. I do that from my trading. It’s a labour of love :). Appreciate your support Brian. MG

  2. Great work once again, i know i will be speaking for all of us followers who appreciate your hard work and help with all aspects of trading.
    please try not to take any negative comments from idiots too hard your honesty shines through in all of your posts.

    • Thanks John. That’s exactly the point that annoyed me. I am honest. I was being accused of being dishonest. It pissed me off when I go out of my way to be very transparent in everything I do. I think just as honesty shines through, so does dishonesty. Still, I have had my say. I’ll now move on 🙂 Welcome aboard, and thanks for your comment.MG

  3. Hi mg, I too have stopped using the ba forum , I understand Peter sponsors races etc etc to bring in customers but I must admit apart from say around 10 , there is starting to get a lot on there that are either straight up punters , guessers , but mainly dreamers !!! .. I’m still on the free trial of betform pro , but will be renewing I was into the Man U and Everton games best chance of a goal was 16-30 mins on both games . Both goals came at 27 and 28 mins respectively . In the Man U game looking back over the last 20 games 12 goals came in the last 15 mins , 7 of these in injury time , with injury time odds so short you can afford to have a speculative punt , this time it wasn’t to be but it’s the little snippets like this that will increase your bank.

    Keep up the good work mg and good luck for the week ahead.


    • Hi Legendz. It’s a shame your thread was hijacked by the troll. He’s at it again this morning on the thread where some of the guys are recommending my blog. He’s questioning my integrity again, and trying to say I couldn’t tip a waitress based on the fact I recommended BetFromPro. 16 pts profit in 4 weeks is really poor “tipping” isn’t it? 🙂 I’m really glad you have grasped the concept and are putting some effort into your selections. The show goals feature is excellent. Have a look at the first 10 minutes too. You can very often back over 2.5 for 5 or 6 minutes and the odds hardly move. In effect you get a free bet (or at least one with little downside) My page “Anatomy of a trade” uses this to explain how to structure a trade. There is a video too. I agree the BA forum is in decline. PW is a top bloke in my opinion. I don’t blame him. But I have said that there needs to be a better registration system and more moderation. The troll won’t stop. He has a little band of followers that will be negative about all things MG for sure. What really made my day was how some of my readers and forum regulars have defended my honour.(thanks guys) I really appreciated that. You are the type of trader my blog is aimed at. A guy who wants to learn and grow. All I can do is point you guys in the right direction. I can’t be there to click the button. If you use my ideas as a starting point, once you gain some confidence you soon come up with your own winning strategies. That then sparks off other ideas. Before you know it you’re getting up in the middle of the night creating new stuff and getting excited about the possibilities. That’s when you know your close to cracking it.That’s just before the Mrs kicks you out 🙂 Watch out for that one! Great to have you onboard. Don’t be a stranger Cheers MG

  4. Said it before but I’ll say it again, the amount of work you put in on here to help others, for no gain to yourself, is incredible. I’ve forked out good money for some serious crap over the years and the content on here not only blows all of that stuff out of the water, it’s also completely free.

    I’ve had to give up betting and trading for a few months as I’m working abroad, but I still watch and learn from the videos every day and I hope you’ll be sticking around for the next football season when I can start getting involved again.

    • Appreciate those kind words Danny. The hardest bit is the start I guess. getting a good following now so I feel obligated to carry on. I owe that to the guys who have supported me. I might have to give up some fishing this summer, but I can’t have it all ways 🙂 MG

  5. I discovered this site a few weeks ago. I can’t do much with the racing trades being at work but I have played with them on Saturdays and during the Easter holiday. I can see you have a following by looking at the prices on the exchanges. ( It reminds me of how it used to be when Pricewise in the Racing Post used to tip and the prices disappeared in seconds).
    To be honest , I am now more into football trading and I am loving the portfolio bets. I think your results are first rate and wondered whether you had football records going back over previous months – I am guessing you must do. I fear sooner or later you will not be giving such quality information away for free and I suspect your following will become too big for you to be able to continue to do that.
    If you do go down the subscription route so count me in. I respect your honesty and integrity and your desire to help others. This reminds me of Ian’s similar desire on FTS. I don’t follow the BA forum but your comments are not surprising – very similar to individuals on the Betfair forum. Is it jealousy or inadequacy perhaps?
    Thank you for providing such an excellent blog and I am certainly tempted to look at the 28 day trial as the data provided for in play rading looks fascinating.

    • Thanks Peter for you comment and taking the time to write it. The problem with racing trades is exactly that, there is only so much money to take. What my aim is, is not to be a tipster. The tips are a means to an end. They in some ways prove my credibility. If I can show what I can can do and prove it daily, you trust my information. My preview videos are more relevant I guess. They will lead you to find your own trades. That is my aim. I hate tipping. I believe that to be successful in anything there are 2 important thinks you need. The tools and the skills. If you have these and can apply them with some graft, you will crack it for sure. My blog is about suppling those key things. I can say without any hesitation whatsoever, that I will never charge for the information i post on my blog. It’s free – end of. I have affiliate links that help me pay for the site. That’s it. These affiliates are only products I use myself anyway.
      The portfolio is going well and I am very happy with how it looks. I don’t ever think that I can influence the prices of Football. The value always exists somewhere. If the plug one hole up it will open another one somewhere else. I strongly advise you to have a look at BetFormPro. I generate many more bets than I post, but in fairness to the guys who pay for and run the software, it wouldn’t be fair if I did that. Over the summer months I will be adding more help guides and videos about how I use the BFP software to find the bets. It’s not rocket science, and like all tools, it’s subjective. You have to use some common sense and a little bit of your own knowledge. A feature i like is “show goals” this is a grid that shows when goals were scored in matched involving the teams. This is very profitable if you use it correctly. There are times in the match where you can get excellent low risk trades with a potential huge upside. I am not trying to flog the product. I am happy for anyone interested to google them and sign up rather than click my affiliate link if that’s what they want to do. makes no difference to me 🙂 thanks for your support Peter, appreciate your kind words MG

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