Portfolio Bets: WE 10th March Review

Five bets for this weekends Portfolio.

1st was Freiburg v Wolfsburg on Friday night and a BTTS “Yes” trade. A great start after Freiburg scored after 2 mins, 5 mins later it was 1-1 and the bet was landed for a 1pt profit. The game finished 2-5. In my write up I made reference to Freiburgs’ “leaky” defence. Crikey, it was leaky wasn’t it?

Second match was in Serie A; Udinese v Roma and we were hoping for a Draw/Home outcome. Roma took the lead in the 21st minute. Udinese looked lack lustre and I feared we would lose this one even then. It was still 0-1 at HT and the bet lost. In the 2nd half Udinese pulled a goal back, then had a player sent off. Ended 1-1. A loss of 1pt.

Next Cagliari v Sampdoria. We had a HT/FT Home/Home and 2pts riding on it. Cagliari scored after 18 mins and held on until HT. There were plenty of changes to lock in some profit on this game, before HT and after. With half the bet in the bag the rest was downhill. After the 2nd goal after 52 minutes it seemed unlikely we would lose on this. It ended 3-1 with Sampdoria scoring a late consolation goal. A cracking 6.2 points profit.

Short after this was Hannover 96 v Eintract Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga. We were hoping for a BTTS “NO” outcome and had 1pt on it. In these matches you just keep checking live score and hope you see 0-0. Well I did, and I did. It ended 0-0. Another 1.62 points in the old satchel.

Last up on Sunday night was another Serie A match between Lazio and Fiorentina. I had this as Lazio DNB. A new one for the Portfolio.  When Fiorentina scored after 21 mins I knew we were up against it. The 2nd goal shortly after HT sealed our fate. A loss of 3pts on my banker.

So overall a profit of 4.82 points adding to the 4.1 last week for overall total of 9.82 points.

If you missed the bank and staking walkthrough it’s HERE

A starting bank of £1000 with a £10 a point stake would see you in profit by £98.20 and an increase to your bank of 9.82%. There are lots of exciting ways you can grow you bank. i.e After week 1 if you added the profit to you initial bank, the new amount per point would be £10.41. (£1000 + £41) / 100 = £10.41. The 2nd week see £10.41 x 4.82 = £50.17. So the bank then becomes £1041 +£50.17 = £1091.17. The new amount per point then becomes £1091/100 = £10.91 moving forward. This can be applied in reverse too, so a loss of 5 pts next week would see the bank at £1036.62 and a new stake of £1036/100 = £10.36. This makes it all very complex and messy. I prefer to keep my bank at the same amount. As you increase your winnings you can make adjustments to you bank size as your confidence grows. The idea of a bank is to keep a structure in place and protect yourself from losses. In truth if the Portfolio bets after 7 weeks were at -30 points I would be typing to myself. Quite right too. 🙂

I said at the very start of the post I made listing this week ends portfolio trades, that I was under pressure to come up with the goods after a good start and high expectations. It’s going to be even worse next week!! May have something during the week. Keep a look out. If you don’t want to forget subscribe. I’ll send out a heads up if I post any trades.

Feedback welcome as I know it will be all good 🙂 hey you can’t slag me off for giving away money can you? Cheers MG

Portfolio bets 10 march


7 thoughts on “Portfolio Bets: WE 10th March Review

  1. I’ve been trying to use the strategy you highlighted to find these HT/FT and BTTS bets, over the weekend I ended up with nearly 15 of these type bets, and finished the weekend +0.8 points. So not too bad overall, was just wondering why I ended up with 3-4 times as many bets as you did.

    • I had a similar amount. What I did then was look more closely into my “potential” trades and apply what I know and what other info BetFormPro can show me. I look at H2H’s and also latest form against all teams of all grades. That’s the confirmation stage I was talking about. Finally I don’t want to stick all all the bets i find as this wouldn’t be fair to some of the guys paying for BFP. I think a good example of recent potentials I have discarded is Norwich v Southampton BTTS “YES” The pre match query shows 1.22. Against this my Long term table gives me 1.59. Bookies price was 1.7. The difference between the 1.22 and 1.59 was too big. So I discarded it. Then Vallecano v Espanol in La Liga. BTTS – NO. The pre match query gives 1.43 my overall table gives me 1.93 (make sure you do one for each league as they are different). A look at the last 10 matches grade v grade shows Vallecano have scored in all 10. So the bet comes down to if Espansol can score. They have scored in 5/10/. So that give me a 50% chance of the bet failing or 2. There was not enough advantage in the odds. It takes a little practice, but being selective is the way forward. As it happens vallecano won 2-0, so the bet would have won. But in the long term, which is always the plan I would have lost. A 0.8 points profit with all those bets is excellent. Some selection will see you doing better than me! Another thing to think of is last minute team news. One of the first “trades” I offered up on this blog was HERE What I didn’t account for was the 8 changes Swansea made (week before cup final). Anyway I hope this helps mate. Stick at it MG

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the football bets – great results even though I had never really investigated these type of bets. I just assumed it was W/D/L. I will investigate further.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Chris, there are 82 markets available to bet on in Football matches. I have only just begun to introduce these new types of bets into my Portfolio. Keep a watch out. You may want to look HERE and HERE I have so many ways to make money from Football. I can’t wait to share them all with you. : Cheers MG

  3. Awesome stuff MG. I’m loving your blog and all your tips. Got on all of them this weekend.

    I also find all your pre-match pointers incredibly useful, not to mention your videos. Everything helps the learning process so thanks and keep up the great work!!

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