Portfolio Bets Week End 15th -17th March – Review Added

Into our 3rd week of the Portfolio bets. Winning weeks of 4.1 & 4.82 points have set the bar high. This week I added another new bet into the Portfolio; Under / Over 2.5 goals. There is a guide to how this bet is structured HERE.

The bets are in by League, so watch out for K.O times as they are spread out all over the weekend. All match K.O. times are GMT.

Serie A

Napoli v Atalanta  Betfair/ Betdaq say KO is 2:00pm Sunday- Oddschecker say it’s 19:46 Sunday. I don’t know which is correct.

BET:  BTTS “YES”  -Stake 2 pts @ 2.15  – best price now is Ladbrokes 2.15 may get better on exchanges later on into WE

Review: Well we only had to wait 32 mins to land this one. Ended 3-2

Roma v Parma KO. 19:45 Sun

BET: UNDER 2.5: Stake 1pt. @ 2.39 Pinnacle ( A must have account) No limits, they let you win Betdaq are 2.43, but gappy so may get better

Review: An early goal had me nervous, but as the game wore on was feeling more confident, a 2nd goal at 70 mins had me sweating for 20+ mins. Finished 2-0

Torino v Lazio KO 19:45 Sun

BET: BTTS “NO” – Stake 2pts @ 1.91 Paddy Power 1.98 Betdaq (may get better)

Review: 1-0. A early red card for Lazio and a late goal for Torino


Nurnburg v Shalke KO 14:30 Sat

BET: BTTS “YES” – Stake 3pts@1.73 Stan James. 1.72 Betdaq but bigger if queue money

Review: When I was looking at this match I thought there were goals. I had BBTS at 1.73 and Over 2.5 at 1.91. I though it a safer bet to go for BTTS. I got it wrong. It was 3-0

Bayer Leverkusen v Bayern Munich KO Sat 17:30

BET: UNDER 2.5 goals Stake:1 pt @ 2.1 Pinnacle 2.12 Betdaq

Review: 1st Goal just before HT. The at 70 mins odds we 1.2. I considered trading some out. Missed that and at 75 mintues it went 1-1. I knew we were in danger then I stuck in a bet at 1.15 in the last 6 mins. I had 50p matched when the 3rd goal went in. Own goal at 87 minutes. Grrrrrrr. Close but no cigar

Borussia Dortmund v Freiburg KO Sat 14:30

BET: HT/FT:  Bor.Dort/ Bor.Dort (Home/Home) Stake: 3pts @ 2.05 BetVC, 2.06 Betfair, 2.03 Betdaq

Review: On 41 minutes and Dortmund 1 -0 down I feared the worst. At hT it was 3-1! Phewwww, That’s all my good luck used up for the week. Ended 5-1

La Liga

Malaga v Espanyol KO Sun 11:00am

BET: OVER 2.5 Goals: Stake: 2pts @2.1 Various, 2.17 Betdaq

Review: A goalless first half and 2 2nd half goals left us a goal short. 0-2

Premier League

Tottenham v Fulham KO Sun 15:00

BET: UNDER 2.5 Goals: Stake: 1 pt @ 2.3 Pinnacle Betfair 2.42

Review: Who would have been brave enough to call unders on this game? 0-1

Total 15 pts staked – Good luck if you play

Total profit this week +4.23 points – Total since start (3 weeks) +13.15 points

All my bets are sourced using BetFormPro

BetForm Pro

7 thoughts on “Portfolio Bets Week End 15th -17th March – Review Added

  1. Hi MG,

    Just a quick note to say I had a leap of faith on all your selections and am pleased with the results. Thanks for all the effort on the blog. It’s definitely appreciated.


  2. Hi MG,

    I didn’t get on your Saturday Bundesliga games but followed all the others on Sunday. Top stuff again mate!!

    I didn’t last the distance in the Roma or Torino games, i traded out early to secure profit, ‘bottled it’ if you will…

    Here’s my p&l from Betfair for those games (Excel formatting doesn’t quite work but you should get the picture, initial bets are at the bottom) –

    Market Selection Bid type Odds req. Stake(GBP) Profit/Loss(GBP)

    Fixtures 17 March / Roma v Parma / Over/Under 2.5 Goals Under 2.5 Goals Lay 1.06 8.51 (0.51)
    Fixtures 17 March / Torino v Lazio / Both teams to Score? Yes Back 8 0.02 (0.02)
    Fixtures 17 March / Torino v Lazio / Both teams to Score? Yes Back 8 1.94 (1.94)
    Fixtures 17 March / Roma v Parma / Over/Under 2.5 Goals Under 2.5 Goals Back 2.4 3.76 5.26
    Fixtures 17 March / Torino v Lazio / Both teams to Score? No Back 1.94 8.00 7.55

    As you can see I lost what could have been an extra £2.47 in profit but my thinking was if there was a goal in the Roma game or if Lazio equalised, i would be looking at a loss instead. I used the ‘cash-out’ button on Betfair as I am more comfortable using that than working out the odds on my own at the moment.

    Should I have stayed in on these bets until the end? This is the part I am struggling with most at the moment.

    Once again, top blog and tips. Fantastic resource!!


    • Chris, staying in or getting out is always the big question. For the purpose of the Results table they are straight bets. But take the Bayern Munich match. I was trying to trade out, but got too greedy. If you can trade out with very low odds it’s stupid not too, at least reduce your liabilites. There are loads of wasy to trade out. Not always in the same market as you are betting in either. I’m not sure if you have read this article I wrote, but it may help explain about trading out.
      The other arrticle to read is about how to work out the stakes needed to trade out. I HATE the Betfair cash out facility, it takes too much control away. Plus sometimes you want to leave a trade in the market at a lower price. The calculations are very straight forward and the Betfair interface helps here too. Although it shows a Horse race, the principles are exactly the same.
      You have done exactly the right thing. I do exactly the same. Especially if you cannot see the match. Really appreciate your kind words about the blog. Cheers MG

      • Cheers for the reply MG.

        I’ve been meaning to set some time aside to read through all your guides and watch the videos but having young kids is thwarting my progress with this. It’s on the to-do list!!

        I’ll hopefully get some time this weekend.


  3. Great stuff, shows the power of using the right tools, combined with a little skill as well I imagine 🙂

    But impressive results which ever way you look at it

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