Portfolio Bets: Week End 26th – 28th April

Great week last week with 6 out of 7 winners and 9 pts profit.

As we come to the end of the leagues where I but up my bets I am planning to wind it down for 2 reasons. Firstly, it’s silly season. There are too many games that mean nothing, so it becomes dangerous. Secondly, I don’t think many of you use these selections. I hardly get any feedback about them, except for a couple of you. It takes a lot of effort to post them. So I am asking what’s the point? Over the past couple of months they stand at 18.49 pts profit from 43 bets. At the odds I use I reckon that’s very good. Anyway, here’s my bets



Hoffenheim v Nurnberg ko SAT 14:30

Nurnberg DNB 1 pt@2.8 BetVC

Dusseldoff v Bor Dortmund ko SAT 17:30

Bor Dortmund WIN in Match Odds 2pts @ 1.73 William Hill

La Liga

Levante v Celta Vigo ko SAT 15:00

Levante WIN in Match Odds 1pt @ 2.2 Paddy Power

Espanyol v Granada ko SUN 11:00

Espanyol WIN in Match Odds 1 pt @ 2 William Hill

Sociedad v Valencia ko SUN 20:00

Sociedad WIN in Match Odds 1pt @ 2.38 Stan James

Premier League

Chelsea v Swansea ko SUN 15:00

Under 2.5 goals 1pt@2.6 BetVC

Serie A

Cagliari v Udinese ko SAT 17:00

Cagliari WIN in Match Odds 1pt @3.6 BET365/BetVC

Chievo v Genoa ko SUN 14:00

Chievo WIN in Match Odds 1 pt @ 2.62 William Hill

Palermo v Inter ko SUN 14:00

Inter WIN in Match Odds 1pt @3.3 BetVC


Frustrating week that gave a small loss of 1.8 points. I should have added the bent game of Atalanta v Bologna to guarantee a couple a couple of points profit 🙂

port week  28th april


17 thoughts on “Portfolio Bets: Week End 26th – 28th April

  1. Hi Mugs,
    Be very surprised if people are not following your advise, be pretty foolish not to i would say !
    Keep up the good work.
    a quick question on the selections you put up on the Inside Track, are these based on your own ratings where you believe the price is incorrect ? once again great information that you would be a fool not to follow.

    • Hi JOhn, Not sure how many follow them. If they do they don’t say much 🙂 The market movers in the inside track are not ratings based. They are based purely on how the market shapes up after taking everything into account. Cheers MG

  2. Just want to let you know that I appreciate your hard work! I am following your Portfolio bets every week, understand why you let them go the next weeks, but hope you will continue it next season!
    Last weeks I don’t have much time, very busy with university etc, so not much time to post any comments or to view your video’s. I see you have made an enormous amount of videos the last month, keep up the good work! Hope I am able to view them all soon!

  3. Hi MG
    I for one would be lost without your weekend portfolio bets. An oversight on my part for no previous comments. Your consistant results have boosted my bankroll very nicely. Thank you.
    I am hoping you will be around for the next season. Whatever you come up with during the summer will be gratefully received. Excellent results so far.
    From the Inside Track I gather you look for value bets from stats rather than following teams and players. This is interesting as I know sod all about football but I am constantly looking at ways to find an edge.

    • Hi Brian, Appreciate you kind words. You are correct, it’s about stats and converting that into value. It’s one way to do it. The Soccer purists would scoff at it. But as long as whatever you do produces results, that’s what it’s about. I am happy to keep the Portfolio bets going as long as I have readers that want them. As with pretty much everything I do on my blog I want my readers to get involved in finding their own trades. I realise that I use a subscription based service to source my Portfolio bets. This may impact some readers decision to try for themselves. I hope by Sept when the new season is in full swing I can put something together to help get everyone who is interested kickstarted in this. Good luck with your edge Brian 🙂 MG

  4. Hi MG. I started following your blog within the past month, probably the best blog out there as far as profitable bets go. Be a shame if you didn’t post the bets, I take them anyway after a bit of monitoring! Drop me your email address I have feedback on one of your other posts and how you can profit.

    • Like I say, I am happy to carry on if you guys want them. I just didn’t want to be standing in an empty room talking to myself 🙂 Cheers MG

  5. Hi Mugs

    I haven’t responded to the portfolio other than an early thanks. Having been with you from day one I didnt want to seem like a stalker! I hope you will bring them back in August when the leagues get going again.

    About to attempt to find some movers and drifters in the horses following your guidance. I always look forward to the preview to see if I am on the right track.

    One more big thanks for all you have done over the last couple of months


  6. Hi Mugs
    Only found this blog recently so have missed out on most of the football.
    The results are impressive though so keep it going.
    The racing videos have been an eye opener.
    Have been paper trading my own selections using your strategy with some success.
    The liquidity on betfair can be very low sometimes so taking a price at the bookies may be better and then lay it off on betfair. There is also the added benefit from best prices if the odds drift.
    Keep it going, i am sure there are plenty of us benefiting from your blog.

    • Hi Trevor, Your bookies accounts won’t last for long. The only way is stick to under £20. I lost pretty much every bookie account I have 6 or 7 years ago. The rest are heavily restricted. You will find you don’t even have to win too much. The problem so much getting matched on Betfair, it’s how reliable the odds movement is with the limited amount of data that low liquidity brings. I think I make reference to this in todays video. Anyway, thanks for your comment. It’s goos to have you aboard. MG

  7. Hi Mugs

    I am from Sweden and I have struggled with the horse trading for some time. Your blog and videos have changed everything. Now I understand how to read the market. I watch your video every day so please continue because I still learn so much from you. You said in the latest video that we can e-mail you our own selections so you can tell why you haven´t picked them. That is great.

    Keep going please, Mugs
    Janne from Sweden

    • Janne, Thanks for your kind words. My email is mugsgame@hotmail.co.uk. However, If you guys want some critique and don’t mind a public discussion, we may all learn form this together if they are posted in comments on the relevant day. Cheers MG

  8. Hi MG only just found your blog and started following the videos. As a stats man find the whole trading issue enthralling, I have just started looking at your football selections as well.

    On one of your videos you mentioned a problem finding out if selections are pricewise. Have a look at this site as he puts up pricewise selections as soon as they are available.


    I hope this is of use and keep up the excellent blog

  9. mugs ple ase dont think your posts go unappreciated,whether racing or sports,since this site started I ve completely change d my analysis of the markets and I m also making more correct decisions. maybe I can give you more feedback in future.but suffice to say thanks for everything so far.

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