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COVID - 19 Update

As the COVID-19 Virus ravages the world. I, like everyone else has had to make huge lifestyle changes. Please do not take this as me complaining. I am not. I am just like everyone else doing the best I can to get through it.

I made an early call to postpone my March workshop after I was advised to self isolate by my GP. I called it off a week before and the workshop would have taken place the day before the Government locked everything down. I think it was the right decision.
The April workshop has been cancelled, due to the hotel closing to give up beds to NHS staff. The May one will most likely follow suit.

So with no prospect of any “live” workshops for the foreseeable future, I have decided to have another look at my Online products.

As so many of us are stuck at home. What better time to invest in your own education from the comfort of your own home?
There is a huge amount of material contained in my Workshop package I am offering (Over 100 hours of instruction and strategy) to learn from.
I realise that in the current climate money is tight and uncertainty rife. I wanted to give as many the opportunity as I can, and make it as affordable as I can.

The Complete Workshop package contains all the material I have, along with an incredible support package. All for the incredibly good value price of £199.
Please head over to my Sister site  https://www.sportstradingschool.co.uk

All the details are there.

If you do purchase this option. You can attend a workshop of just £50!

This is a special deal while the COVID_19 outbreak has us in lockdown

Please stay safe!
Stay at home – Protect Our NHS -Save Lives

Sorry about that, couldn’t help myself!

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