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Using everything I have learned from my years of training aspiring traders. I have decided to change things around for 2020.

Learning what many people consider the “dark art” of pre race racing trading, in particular “SWING TRADING “on Betfair is a challenge for sure. Seen by many as the “Holy Grail” of trading. Daily, year round opportunities to seek and lock in profit. Without too much drama.

Make no mistake, it is a challenge. That is why I offer the type of training I do. Having someone in your corner with over 15 years experience, with a rock solid reputation will give you a much better chance of success. 
There are major changes for 2020. The biggest change is I will on longer offer the option to attend a workshop without a longer term commitment .Let me explain why.

Firstly, It is very clear to me that having on-going, HIGH QUALITY support is vital if you want to take this seriously. Which leads me onto my second reason.

I have very limited places available for my workshops. Each workshop consists of 8 places. It’s intimate, personal and comfortable. I want to ensure that the people who come value the experience and are committed for the long term. You have the option and the invitation to join me for a social evening the night before the workshop, so really the learning starts then. I’ll also provide you with a discount code if you wish to stay at the hotel that is worth 20% off
I will be investing my time, my expertise and my belief in you. I want something back. Commitment. Commitment from you that you will give it a fair crack, and give yourself every chance of success.
So making a 6 or 12 month commitment goes a long way to meeting that brief.

I have now aligned my “physical” workshops to my online workshop. So whichever way you purchase you get the same deal. The only exception to this is you CAN buy the stand alone online workshop for £179. But you can’t just come to a workshop. This will give you a good idea of what I am about and give you a good start. But talking to me about an upgrade is what many tend to do.

The Benefit of Attending a Workshop

A question I am often asked is ” Is there any benefit to me coming to a workshop?”
My answer is usually emphatic. “YES!” However good my online material is (and people are saying it’s very good), being in my company for what can amount to 16 or 17 hours means I can give you much better explanations and answer every question you have. ESPECIALLY if you have gone through the online workshops modules first. This means you have a great head start and I can go deeper in answering your tough questions.

Payment Scheme

I have tried to make it as easy as possible for people to take advantage of what I am offering. 

I have created a payment scheme that will enable you to spread the cost over the duration of your package (6 or 12 months) – at which time if you wish you can become a “long term” MGW member at £25 per month.
The cost works out at £79 per month, for the duration of the package you choose. Although the benefits of subscribing for 12 months are highly beneficial.

I will be running regular workshops in Coventry throughout 2020, so finding a date that suits should be quite straightforward. I am hoping to release the first batch of dates at the end of November.

The good news is that by giving you access to the online workshop, you can get started immediately. As soon as the workshop dates are available I will contact you and let you choose a date if you wish too.

Purchase the package you want by going to my sister website SPORTSTRADINGSCHOOL, This will open in a new window. You can see EXACTLY what you get for your money and commitment.

Get in Touch with Steve for a chat

If you need any further information or clarification about the packages i am offering. Please book a call with me using this link