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  1. Thanks for another great video. Your advice is helping me feel more confident about selecting races to trade in, although I am still using small stakes as there is so much to learn. One thing I wonder about is if there is a strong favourite and all the others are drifting, wouldn’t this be a good trade to back the favourite?

    • Maybe, But I don’t trade in the morning unless that Fav is over 4. This is because of the minimal gain v risk. Remember the shorter the price the more substantial the move needs to be to gain the same amount

      • Hi mate,good preview as usual and as you know i have learnt a hell of a lot from your blog and watching how you go about picking trades and trading on the ladder..I had been doing better than i could ever have imagined mate making £80+ per day and if you remember i said i was trying to learn the ladder interface lol well it went badly wrong mate but not through bad trading i may add it was internet connection :(..Here’s what happened mg, i was laying on the ladder 6 mins before off on a race and had £250 in and the trade was going well got upto £32 profit thinking i will close out soon but it was a good drifter and i was expecting to get to at least £40 profit before closing the trade then the nightmare began – internet connection went down and there was no way of getting back into the race before the off to close the trade,to cut a long story short mate 18mins of lost internet connection cost me £1180 haha the horse only went on to win and there was nothing i could do about it,i was completley smashed out mate and felt like crying i can tell you because all the hard work i had done in last couple of weeks went out the window but there was nothing i could do i had no failsafe to prevent this happening with internet loss and would like to ask you how do you make sure this won’t happen ? Is there anything i can do to prevent the same scenario mg as i can’t let this happen again it destroys your soul :(……I have got nearly half of that loss back and even though it feels i am back to where i started bankroll size that doesn’t bother me it’s just the thought of the same thing happening again with no failsafe that worries me,any help mate on what i can do would be great..GL today mate and thanks.

        • Hi Darren I had something very similar a couple of months ago when the Betfair site crashed and to cut a long story short I ended up losing around £900. I threw the teddy out of the pram and self excluded myself from Betfair for 6 months which I now regret as I was just starting to make some decent profits. I have the same concerns as you and can only come up with the following for my future trading: – Betdaq’s liquidity will improve suficiently to move trading over to them plus the necessary BetAngel improvements; if continuing to use Betfair I will also keep an amount in Betdaq so that I can trade out for some portion of my open trade on Betfair; I will have my mobile smartphone ready to go straight into Betfair or Betdaq to trade out if landline ineternet connection is lost. I was very peed off when Betfair crashed on me and the fact that it keeps crashing but the way I now look at it is that on another day the horse I was laying is more likely to have lost and I would now be laughing at my easy profit. Good luck and sorry to hear about you losing that amount. Cheers Mick

        • Hi Darren, i have’t traded that much as yet but am working my way towards it slowly. That must have been a shock to lose that much in a few minutes and I can imagine how it felt. I’ve been thinking what could be done in that situation and have a suggestion…when you start trading, how about having your mobile on and charged, and with enough credit and have written down on a piece of paper your betfair user number and also their phone number just in case you need it, if you can’t find it in your contacts. In that situation, at least you could ring them and see if they can put a bet on to close the trade. I will be doing this from now on although my trades are small for now. Hope this helps.

        • Darren that really sucks and has happened to me on several occasions over the years. I have my iphone logged in on 3G, not wireless, my dongle ready, although I have an intermittent connection on this. You just have to give yourself the best chance. The idea that Chris suggested about the telephoning Betfair is also a good idea. Keep your chin up mate. When I lose like this I am pissed off, but you should take comfort that you now have the skills to get it back and some. GL MG

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