Racing Video Preview: 23rd April

My Daily Racing Preview video:

Todays volumes are DIRE!

I am having 4 CAREFUL trades:
2:50 Wolverhampton Time to Begin 7.8 stop loss 9.6 INTO 5.4 profit £44
3:20 Wolverhampton: Jawinski 9.4 stop loss 11 Hit SL -£20
5:05 Wolverhampton Sound Amigo 4.8 stop loss 6 OUT to 5.2 -£7.66
5:10 Yarmouth: Applejack Lad 5.1 stop loss 6.4 HIT SL -£20

£3 loss on day – poor

6 thoughts on “Racing Video Preview: 23rd April

  1. hi MG

    well done on ya profits today,ive got a real newbie question for you
    if i put a stop loss on my trades and my connection goes does that stop loss still continue to run even tho im no longer connected to the internet,what i really wanna know in laymens terms is can i do my whole Bankroll on laying /betting an event and the trade goes against me then my connection goes,im using betangel for my trades,might be an idea if you could quickly explain how to add stoploss for the total newbs like myself when using the ladder ,ive learnt so much from your videos to date and i wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put in to help ya fellow traders

    • Hi Jason – Welcome aboard. When I talk about a stop loss, I am talking about the position in the market when it’s time to call it a day. The problem with a mechanical stop loss is they are pretty ineffective in this situation. Btw. The stop loss on Bet Angel will only work if you are connected to the market. So You can only have 1 position open at a time with the SL on. Unless you place your bet using the automation via guardian. In the slow moving markets (relatively speaking) I just visit the market every 30 mins or so. If I know it’s going against me I might not wait until it hits the stop loss. If you were in a pub and your wallet was on the bar, and someone kept taking money out to buy a drink you wouldn’t wait until it was empty until you knocked him out would you? If you do manage to enable a “mechanical” stop loss you face another issue. The gaps in the markets. This means you get triggered falsely all the time. My advice is just keep having a look. If it goes past the stop it will cost you less in the long term rather than falsely triggered. Try with small stakes and see how you go. Managing the bets is the key to making good profits with this method. Hope this helps mate – MG

  2. Hi MG,
    Continuing to enjoy and profit from your insights and also the excellent inside track.
    My pre race trading is going in the right direction, less is definitely more in terms of trying to trade too many races, as you say on numerous occasions wait for the easier opportunities.
    I was having a look back through the education section and was wondering if you intended doing a second part to the Reading The Market piece which dissects the market.
    Hope you are still enjoying the blog as i know that all your followers appreciate your hard work .


    • Hi John, I am planning another part to “reading the market”, however I have been getting tied up with family matters so short on time at the minute. As soon as I get time I will continue this. Appreciate you comment MG

  3. Hi mg , quick question , although with an emphatic win over barca last night , do you think bayern might be worth a lay , 2 of the goals were dubious a foul and an offside and although I expect them to reach the final my thoughts are if Madrid reach the final(which I expect) I think this will cause bayern to drift from their current 1.84 your thoughts would be appreciated.


    • The market expects RM to qualify. So the BM price takes that into account. The bet would be if RM do not qualify. Not sure how much movement there would be either way. Worth looking at though. Like your lateral thinking Lee. MG

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