Racing Video Preview 16th May

Back to the daily grind after my break. I am having 2 trades this morning
2:45 York Trading Leather: 6.8 stop loss 8.4 Closed at 6 for 4 tick profit
3:15 York Two For Two 4.6 stop loss 5.7 Closed at scratch

Made a good decision with Fanzine, it was a big drifter!

Preview Video

10 thoughts on “Racing Video Preview 16th May

  1. Hi MG,

    Great blog mate, I only just found it on the day you went away but have enjoyed reading back through your posts and watching your videos. You clearly know your onions.

    I was a long time scalper and did ok but gave it up about 6 months ago as it seemed to be getting harder and harder for a dwindling amount in return. I’ve been wanting to try and get back into it but with an aim to try and get into swing trading. It’s a completely different mindset as I used to panic if the price went just a couple of ticks away but I’ve been dabbling with taking a longer term view and actually find it less stressful, although I am only playing with baby stakes. My market reading is terrible though and I generally just feel like I’m guessing and just trying to manage the positions as best I can by letting the profits go and trying to cut the losses. Your writings are helping though so I just wanted to say cheers for the excellent blog, it’s a great read and watch.

    Good luck in the future mate!

    • Nice one Russ, appreciate your comment. There are so many ways to make a few quid. I am not saying all my ideas are the best, but you can take something form lots of places and make your own style. Sometimes I see something someone is doing and take it to another direction. Nothing in this business is cast in stone! Cheers MG

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