Couple of new videos

I get a constant stream of emails asking for new videos. So I thought I’d stick a couple up for you guys.

The 1st one shows that if you know why a price is changing it gives added confidence. There is no graph or chart that is better than interpreting what you can see with your own eyes. The 2nd was what I thought may be a tricky race, but it turned out nicely and went exactly to plan (don’t they all??? 🙂 )

I am taking bookings now for the last 2 inductions into my Mentorship Program this year in September and November

3 thoughts on “Couple of new videos

  1. Steve,

    Great videos as always! I have a quick question if I may, being new to betting assistant, how do I re-arrange the order of the ladders to the set-up that you use in your videos?


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