Favourite Breaks Out

Hope you are all having a great week. Cheltenham is my favourite week of the year. I usually scrape through 🙂

It’s not only the great trading that I love, it’s the occasion, the spectacle and the emotion. It would be nice to see some of are Millionaire Football’s displaying some of the emotion and character of some of the lesser jockeys and trainers have shown this week. My highlight so far was Jamie Moore winning the Queen Mother Champion Chase on Sire De Grugy. Shame is brother doesn’t display similar traits.

Anyway, it’s not only Cheltenham where the opportunities lie. This was from Hexham on Thursday. A straightforward trade in the end. But like almost every video I make I could pull it apart and double my profit very easily. Hey, hindsight is a wonderful thing. The main mistake is I wasn’t aggressive enough with my staking. I could have easily had much more in and gone in a little sooner. That’s the cost sometimes of making these videos. Too busy waffling and not enough action! But if I didn’t spend the time explaining and telling you what I was doing I might as well set them to music and you would learn F*** all except how big my cock was, well you know what I mean. here’s the video.

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2 thoughts on “Favourite Breaks Out

  1. Your comment timed 03:40 makes no sense. You said the favourite could only come in 2 ticks before the book went under round. I assume you mean over broke which is <100%? If the favourite moves in the book percentage would rise not fall? You continue something else would have to drift but that also makes no sense in relation to the comment about the book being tight and the threat of going below 100% if the favourite moved in 2 ticks? Could you clarify as it confuses me; a shortening price means a rising book (assuming as you say if the other remain static) and vice versa a drifting price means a falling book,

    • What I mean is if the fav moved in 2 ticks the back book would go broke ie over 100%. You are correct. This is a very confusing and complex subject. This is the problem with analysing every tiny move.
      let me try to re explain. What I was trying (badly apparently) to say. Was If the imagine that all other prices stay static. because the Lay % was so close to 100% there is very little room for movement. As the shortest price runner has the most influence over the book. If another horse drifted it would free up the % of their book to allow the fav to move in with the book going over broke. I can see your confusion at my careless use of words. I’ll amend the post and try to do more on this to see if i can explain what the fuck I am talking about in simpler terms. Appreciate you comment. Apologies for the confusion. Cheers MG

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