In Play Carnage – A Video Of An In PLay Trade

Thought I’d treat you to this in play carnage caused by the incredible price fluctuations oF Kentford lady at Exeter 6:25

6 thoughts on “In Play Carnage – A Video Of An In PLay Trade

  1. Hi MG – nice in play win when you didn’t expect such a large profit well done sir! In play terrifies me as I get over confident and it always ends in tears for me! Keep up the great vids!



  2. Hi MG, thats a masterwork from you. How you stay in the game and switched off the greening.

    Thats awesome 🙂


    • Hi Toni, I was going to say it was a bit lucky, but it wasn’t as I placed the back bet in hoping to get matched. I was surprised I got matched though 🙂

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