New Date For Mentorship Program Induction

I can now release the latest date for my Mentorship Induction Classes.

It is Monday 22nd September 2014

When I started this project I had absolutely no idea where it would lead. I booked 2 dates and dared to hope that I might fill enough places to at least not lose any money. These were quickly filled and I decided to book 3 more, June. July & September.

The whole project has changed direction slightly since it’s inception. It started out as a course where I could show how it’s possible to make money from trading on the exchanges. I realised that I would need to offer support to cement the learning, hence the Skype support. Once This was up and running it came clear exactly what was required to support the guys in my group. Everything I do now is designed to aid that.

After each event I ask for feedback about what the guys liked and what they didn’t. So each subsequent day has the benefit of that feedback. The project has now evolved from a day with support into a mentorship program, the day with me is almost an induction. I show you the methods and lay out the plan. I show you how I make my living. No hidden “secrets”, no ambiguity. You are then hooked up into my support package. I am available most days though out the day. I have a live “webinar type” broadcast where I take anyone in the program who wants to join in though the morning racing. Yesterday we had 2 picks. The first was 5.3 into 3.35, the second was 7 into 4.3. There were another couple I gave positive mentions 2 that also steamed in. I record this and make it available immediately afterwards in case anyone who missed it wants to catch up. This daily routine is something that anyone in the program can do for themselves. They are caught the criteria on the induction day, The daily broadcast is extra learning until they are confident enough to go it alone. Still it’s great to catch up with the guys, we always have the craic anyway.

During the afternoon there is always plenty of the guys about to support each other through the bad times and cheer you on when you’re doing well. Banter is plentiful and always in the right spirit.

There is a limit to how many I want in the Skype room, and how many I can realistically help all at once. Obviously as the experience level grows people need less support. The other fabulous thing is the guys who have it cracked help the other less experienced. I am at hand and very active in this especially though out the afternoons and evenings. What is also fantastic is so many of the guys involved here are good traders who have come to me to learn about Racing. They are already successful in other sports such as Football, Tennis and Cricket. They have been incredible generous in sharing their experience too. As have the guys who are wizards with Excel and programming. I am incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic group of individuals with me.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working on a strategy for the World Cup. Although it will not directly benefit anyone coming after the World Cup, I have plans to role out the format into the new Football season if successful. We will be having a live session every evening to look at the following days matches. Highlight where we feel opportunities may lie to open trades. Then I’ll put together a bulletin and distribute that amongst everyone else. They then have a sheet with everything they need to open any positions if they meet the criteria.

One of the things I have always been keen to stress is I am not and never will be a tipster or sell information of that nature. I want to educate. So many of the techniques I use are designed to “hold you hand” while you find your own way. You can watch how I find my morning trades, you can watch how I find my football trades. When the penny drops for you and you gain confidence, the you can go it alone with confidence. So instead of paying for a “service” that feeds you tips and constantly tries to “up sell” other products from either themselves or their mates, you get the skill to do it yourself.

Will there be anymore inductions?

I am sure there will be at some point. But only if the Sykpe room membership drops below my maximum figure. I realise that the Sykpe “thing” isn’t for everyone. But there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the £25 per Month fee can be repaid over and over with the advice in there. the Sykpe room is only available if you pass though the induction first.

If you want to come and cannot make either the last 2 places on 28th July or 22nd September, please get in touch and I will add you to my waiting list.

You can get all the details about the Mentorship Program HERE

If you want to read about what the guys in the Program think you can read the TESTIMONIALS

4 thoughts on “New Date For Mentorship Program Induction

  1. Hiya Steve
    Hope all is well in themugsgame household. Just thought id say having spent two days watching all your morning trade videos ( yeah I already know Im a sad twat that needs to get a life lol) I have had my first morning trade Two for two in the Ayr 2-55 backed it at 7.2 currently trading at 5.6. Thanks Have a great weekend and roll on September

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