11 thoughts on “Racing Preview Video 21st May

  1. Hi MG,
    I discovered a little more than a month your blog and I was surprised by the quality of the nformation and, above all, the goal of giving readers the opportunity to learn trading. I have, however, a problem. I am Italian and I can not understand well (hardly at all) than you expose yourself in the video. This is my problem but I ask you, if possible, and when you feel like, to summarize the most important ideas that guide choices in writing. I hope that this request can be evaluated for what it is. That is, only, a way to learn and put into practice only by your suggestions.
    I apologize for my basic English.


    • Hi Leo, Lots of my techniques can be found in the “how to guides”. It would be very difficult to put into words everything I say in my videos. I talk alot! 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply, but I did not demand so much.
        I will try, however, to connect what is present in “how to guides” to preview videos. Your work is really appreciable.


  2. Another great video MG. All the extra info you talk about is well worth listening to and an education. It is an eye opener to learn about all the other aspects like trainers, books, price movements…fantastic..Thanks!

  3. hi mugs,
    just finished work,thanks for the advice, i thought it was to good to be true thank god i didnt take a chance lol .will watch daves thread when the wife goes to bed.
    thanks peter

  4. Good evenning,

    this was a very powerful video today.

    I don´t had the time to check the markets today.

    Watched a few trading videos of you MG, its a good learing effect on it, also as you lose a big amount, but you laugh. Nice one, great trader.

    Cheers 🙂


    • Each race is a seperate event. What happens within the race stays with that race. Win or lose, then you just move on. Otherwise it will end in tears for sure. Cheers Tonu. MG

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