6 thoughts on “Racing Preview Video 22nd May

    • Cheers Malcolm, it’s good to get feedback so that my work is relevant. It’s no good me waffling on if no one is watching or understanding what I am trying to get across! Cheers MG

  1. I would even say a lot of sense …
    Do you still go on the market and look for swings???
    I love your videos , wish i could be able to do the same… 🙂
    Keep up the good work….

    • Thank you and thanks for your comment.My trading is divided into many different segments. Depending on the racing cards, my time and the type of races. The morning trades are completely different from the pre race last 5 minutes trades. The important thing to me is at the end of the month I can buy food and pay the bills 🙂

  2. Quick question how do you stop the “Rabbit in Headlights” problem? Twice today I took heavy losses due to my hand/brain/mouth all disconnecting from each other and i just stare at screen thinking it will sort itself in-play while my brain knows it wont but the hand ignores the mouth (and i swear this I am doing) shouting at myself to close. Frustrating after how well I know i can do!

    • This is a key skill. Go into your kitchen and slam a drawer and leave your fingers in it. It hurts doesn’t it? Ok, once your fingers have stopped throbbing go and do it again, and again. After a couple of weeks when you shut that drawer you will know to get those fingers well out of the way. trading is like that 🙂

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