Racing Preview Video: 24th May

No trades today – Can this racing get any worse????

Thanks for all your messages and support of my decision not to trade yesterday. I appreciate them all very much.

Preview video:


4 thoughts on “Racing Preview Video: 24th May

  1. Hi mate,racing has been dire lately volume wise but like you say too many races so hard to find decent trades,my birthday today and i was hoping for a bit better but couldn’t find anything at all think fishing is on the cards for weekend and done a few days this week to compensate for no trades so its not all bad ;)…Have a good day mate.

  2. Hi Guys,

    i also see to time, there is always a very strong fav with small odds in every race. If there is no one then there are very poor volume. Hope for better days.

    I found today a trade, but only a few ticks from 6.6 to 5.8, its okay for me.

    MG if you trade next time you could make a trading video for us :))).

    Wish you all a nice and green weekend


    • Hi Toni, Having some “quiet time” last couple of weeks. I am testing some new methods to make the most most of the changing markets. Adapting to new trends is essential to stay ahead. Will be getting back to some more videos soon 🙂

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , the money , where is all the money gone…. Mine , i have no clue…. but i miss it….
    I only wish i could be able to spot signs of descent or ascent on the odds , i can scalp for one tick , most of the times , but everytime it turns against me , i loose 3 , 4 , 5 or more ticks and there goes the profit…
    Swing trading…. I been watching the races for some time now , saw all the vids… And still , if i keep my money out of the trade i can guess 90% of the times where the odds are going , if i put money in , well there it goes against me , and i panic and close the trade on a loss…. And of course , the tide turns…..
    This is Murphy’s Law to the full…….
    HELP!!!!!! LoL…. Hope you are feeling better MG , sent what i could to heroes…. not much , but we are having a big crisis in Portugal… And i am in the middle of it….. 🙂
    Peace and good trades….

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