Racing Preview Video 27th May

I am not trading myself today, but I have highlighted a couple of potential trades for you guys.
2:40 Carlisle: Majestic Manannan 6.8 slop loss 8.4
3:55 Windsor: Signor Sassi 5 stop loss 6.2

have a good day, tread carefully today. Bank holiday cards are difficult!
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10 thoughts on “Racing Preview Video 27th May

  1. Cheers for the video mugs, you were right about it being a difficult day. I lost money on almost every single race, pretty much feels like two months work is completely down the drain and I’m wondering if I’ll ever get this!! How many times can you lose money to the market before it starts to make sense?

    Bit depressing I know, but any pointers would be appreciated.

    • Andy, This is the way it is mate. The only way to stay ahead is to be consistent. It is easy to make some nice gains only to see they wiped out with 1 or 2 poor trades. It happened to me, and still does on some days. The only advice I can think of is to keep at it. When things are tough I tend to cut my trades sooner and take a modest profit. The spiral of low confidence can destroy you, as you reduce stakes and when a big trade comes in you don’t make enough to cover the shit trades. Let me put something into context for many of you.
      There are 25-40 races a day. How many of these do you trade? How many make a profit? What is you average profit? What is your average loss? Here is a senario:
      Trade 10 races: Win 5 Lose 5
      Average win £20
      Average Loss £10
      Profit £50

      Trade 10 Races Win 2 Lose 8
      Win £90 ave
      Lose £10 average
      profit £100

      Trade 10 races: Win 8 Lose 2
      Average profit £15
      Average Loss £80
      Loss £40
      See where I am going?

      If you are setting yourself up for big losses, your wins need to be bigger. better to make your losses smaller. Some of my worst trades is where I have an initial loss, then go back in and lose again, and again and again. I have a video somewhere that shows this. The odds dod not move more than 6 ticks either way. But I managed to lose.
      When things are going badly don’t panic! Just wait for the obvious opportunities. They are there EVERYDAY. I would rather trade 1 race and win that 10 and lose. Sorry not much help mate. MG

      • Thanks that does help put it in perspective. I’ve picked myself up today and will get back in with a fresh attitude, I think I’ve been a bit too angry and self depricating when losses have come in so need to change my attitude as well.

        Its good advice; I will keep in mind that those opportunities are there and not to lose sight of that!

        Thanks again


        • Andy, you will here me often say that this business is mostly in your head. The mechanics of it all are straightforward. Like snooker, golf and tennis. How many chokers do you see? Similar really, emotions must be right or you fail. It’s really as simple as that. Actually it isn’t simple 🙂

  2. Hey Andy,

    i got the same problem, i almost win a few trades and then comes a big one who kills the wins.

    But i know the problem of it, if you don´t stay 100% in the trade, if there is a tv on, your girlfriend in the room or so on, you don´t look enough to make clear and right desissions, thats my problem.

    And the other problem, i´m too fast and not look enough before to enter the trade, so it runs against and then i don´t close, while thinking it comes back.

    Every time this happens to me, there where a nail hammered in my head, and there isn´t more space, so it can only get up, and thinking before trading, think 4 times before enter.

    Keep on going, its a great thing, the good guys almost need 2-3 years, hang on.


    MG thanks for your videos and alsways that friendly as it gets 😉

  3. Right on the Money on the 1st race MG , won a couple of bucks , but got in the trade later and odds where way higher….. And they came down…..
    But….. Lost all the profits on a Crazy swing i got caught on…. Wish i could see those things coming…LOL.

    Keep it up , I will keep on learning so that i can someday , who knows , live of this…. 🙂

  4. Well MG,
    I think it says so much about you as a person AND as a teacher that you would take time out of your
    day to make a video and point us in the right direction.I’ve learned so much from you so far and I aspire
    to trade as competent and professional as you.Please keep up the good work,you are appreciated.

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