Racing Preview Video 28th May

I have had 1 trade today
LAY Qoubilai Newton Abbot 3:20 @ 1.81 stop loss 1.61

Plenty of chances to make a profit on this, hit over 2 and went in to 1.7 ish near the off. Remember what I talked about in the video? Tim Vaughan 0-25. I couldn’t believe my luck being able to Lay this at 1.6 in play.

Preview Video

11 thoughts on “Racing Preview Video 28th May

  1. Another great video MG.
    Lots of good information on what to look for in the days trading.
    Like the idea of you going more in depth on certain races and how you explain the reasons behind each one .
    Really glad I found your blog as I have learnt more in the last 4 weeks than I have in the last 6 months even after buying a trading course,
    Thanks for all the time you spend on making the video’s and explaing each one.

    • You’re welcome Malcolm. What amazes me is I am pretty much stating what is obvious (well it is to me anyway) 🙂

  2. Opened trade at 1.82 and closed at 2 , again right on the money MG ( 15.20 Newton Quobilai ) , odds now at 1.89 , hum…. wonder if i should go again…..
    Every video i see , the more i understand what you mean…. I do love the way you look at the market , the way you see everything….. Keep up the good work.
    Waiting for your next trade video… your cool , amazes me , even when it turns against you , myself , i panic very easy….


    • I don’t know about cool 🙂 Just make the call and move on. That’s all you need to do really. Seeing “everything” comes with experience I guess. You just need someone to show you where to look. Like anything nrew to you you need someone to show you how to do, in time you should be able to replicate it. Good work on the Quobilai trade! MG

  3. Hi mate and nice video today showing how and why you make the decisions you do and very good explanations given with all the information you collect for each race its excellent work mate and i just learn more and more from you all the time.When i first started this i didn’t have a clue what to look for but now a couple of months down the line when i start to look at the day’s racing and try to find trades the first thing i think is ” What would MG be looking for in this race and what assumptions would he come to with all the info on offer? “… Mg i have developed a real good feel for the market now and have gone from having a gambling mindset to having a traders mindset and the difference between the two in terms of making a profit is truly unbelievable and i am now making a steady profit with all i have learnt from your video’s and blog… One day in the near future mate i hope i can shake your hand and thank you in person for all you have done to turn my way of thinking and betting around 🙂 …. Keep it up mate it is awesome work and i respect all you do for us newcomers to trading … All the best mate and have a great night at your concert tonight ..Thanks .

  4. Thanks MG for another excellent video. I am learning so much that i am beginning to feel confident about making selections of my own and also pre race trading, when I use your methods to see which horse to trade….I like the way you are introducing more information for us to consider. Just right…not too much all at once and it is a great way to teach a subject.

    Keep it up and enjoy the concert!

  5. Hi MG

    Just catching up after a week away.

    Great video to come back to explaining your thoughts on Book %. Very interesting and informative.

    Many Thanks


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