13 thoughts on “Racing preview Video 29th May

  1. Morning mate hope you had a good night at concert..Racing has been poor lately but thats what you get when we have our usual british summer haha,at least we got epsom to look forward to this weekend and then its royal ascot in a few weeks so hopefully things will pick up soon and we can find some decent worthwhile trades…Been waiting for your next live trade video mate watched all rest 10 times over and never tire of them and hopefully you will have some new ones soon 🙂 .. GL today mate .

  2. Hey Mugs, I’m interested in your view on the behaviour of different markets. Recently I read it was worth you staying up to trade the Sydney Autumn carnival. Do you find the Australian carnival markets similar to certain UK markets? What about other Australian markets, do they meet your criteria or are most ruled out or just traded differently due to gap/slack in the book.

    • Hi Chris, The Aussie racing has been killed by the short sightedness of Aus racing. (Greedy bastards) I am very selective in my trades, but in general the Aussie markets are very easy to trade. If it’s drifting it drifts, no messing about. If they ever move this turnover charge I would consider going to stay with my brother in Melbourne over the UK winter/ Aus summer. In general there is much more slack in the book in Aussie races, The top Saturday races are excellent. Hope that points you in the right direction Chris . MG

  3. Ohhhhh no trades….Well that’s life….
    Cant wait for that video….Learning a lot , but i will keep out of pre-race trades for now , tired of getting hammered. Starting to have a feel of how all works , but i am still green on that , and it costs me a lot of money.
    To me , you are “the one” , i’m Portuguese , so its a Mourinho comparison 🙂
    I know i will make it , i know i will succeed , just hope that in time before i go bankrupt…LOL
    Regards MG , and keep it up

    • haha “The Special One” I’m a big fan of Jose. Nothing special about me or what I do. Take your time and stick at it, it’s a very long and hard road my friend. MG

  4. Hi MG,

    nice video today. Learned a lot from the gaps you speak and waiting for the article or the video “how the market works 2” :). AWESOME.

    Tennis trading are very good, it would be nice if you can show, explain also a bit, if you good time. 🙂

    Greets and all the best


  5. Just wanted to say that I have been watching you videos and as already mentioned by others they are of great value. very impressed.


    • Cheers Jason, glad to have you aboard. A little information is sometimes all that is needed to help give you the small edge you need to make sense of all this nonsense! MG

  6. Grand video, I really enjoyed the explanation on the gap in the book and look forward to your next one on that. I echo Darren above too it would be good to see your live trading videos again, feel like my swing trading has completely slipped in the last day or two.

    All the best!


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