Racing Preview Video 30th May

Firstly a couple of bits of info.
I have added Part 2 to the “Reading a Market” series. It can be found HERE

Due to pressure from my fan club 🙂 I have stuck up a trading video from yesterday. HERE

Todays business:
I am having 2 trades:
2:20 Lingfiled: Vandross 6.4 stop loss 8
4:40 Hamilton: Assohil 8.2 stop loss 10

Preview Video:

13 thoughts on “Racing Preview Video 30th May

    • Hi Harvey, I back the trades I spot at the time I find them, my intention is to trade out close to the start of the race. The stop loss is not a mechanical stop loss, but a line I draw that I means the trade has failed and I trade out for a loss. Many of my preview videos explain this process and I have a dedicated “how to guide” that you can read HERE Give it a look and please get back to me if you need further clarification. Cheers MG

  1. Morning mate and thanks for putting up the trade vid,don’t think of it as showing how great you are or how much money you make showing these live trade vids mate nobody thinks you put them up for that and i can assure you the info contained within those vids mate is key to learning for example i study all of them and pay close attention to when and why you enter the trade,it shows how far you think it may go,finding the right exit point,the spoofers and how you can go with them once you know how far they are prepared to go before taking their money out,the book percentage and how the odds react at certain time frames mate there is truly a huge amount of vital info that people can learn from in those live trade videos and i can tell you from watching them over and over they have had a massive impact on my trading.Some of them i have thought why did you do this or why did you not do that and its only after going over and over the vid that suddenly it clicks and you gain a good understanding of why you did certain things,when i first started on the ladder i used to panic and close out if it moved a couple of ticks against me and it seemed a small loss was happening most of the time but now after seeing your live trades it shows perfectly how the market ebbs and flows and that has taught me some real good lessons and the more of them i watch the more confidence i get to trading on the ladder myself so once again thanks for putting the spoof money vid up mate it was good to hear your thoughts on that see how you reacted to it,great vid ,all the best mate GL today.

  2. Yay for the video , yay for the Reading the market part 2 , and yay for you.
    Personaly i never saw a video to see how much money you earn or lose , but to learn , you are one of the few people who wastes times explaining the do’s and dont’s , and for that , thank you.
    I have still a lot to learn , like how to spot an entry point , how to pick a horse for trading and so on , but in due time i hope ill get there.
    Came in late today , so could not get the advised prices , and like you say ,one should never chase a price…
    So i did nothing but when i went to see the market , the odds on the 1st selection were already lower…
    Again right on the money….. 🙂

    HAve a great trading day,

  3. Hi MG,

    i´m lucky today, i picked the same horses like you :).

    Thanks for all your videos and time you put in for us newcomers. Later on i will watch your 2 new videos where you talk about it. I only can say thanks and go on, you are the man. 🙂

    You talked about the trade yesterday “De cent” i think was it, i got on i backed it early and got a great profit from it before it gets blown up, where u lay it. 🙂

    Wish you a great time MG


  4. Hi MG

    Checked the markets just after 11am and thanks to your teachings, picked out the same two horses that you put up. Also came up with This Is Nice but as you say, the odds for this one were not right.

    will look at your two other videos this evening…thanks for putting them up.


    • I have a preview video everyday, I explain what I am looking for in every video. I realise that for non English speakers who use translation software this is no good. There is so much information that I could fill a book with it. I just don’t have that sort of time. MG

  5. hi just wanted to reiterate the comment posted by Darren above. I think I can safely say that we all love the live trade videos and no one thinks you do them to boast. It might be impossible due to the size of the file but any chance of having a “Day in the Life ” of your trading video that would be awesome to see the unseen stuff etc.

    Probably asking a bit much there lol anyways thanks again for all your hard work your very much appreciated by your deciples.


    • It would be the most boring video in the world Mike. I could make a webcam video of me sleeping, it would be more fun 🙂 Appreciate your support Bud. MG

  6. Hi MG, I also want to say how much I appreciate what you are doing. The other day I was making a good profit and realised I am beginning to understand …but ended up losing it all by being just stupid!…but I know why now which is great and I know it will work out good with more studying of your videos. I am starting to let the price ebb and flow which i never used to and also looking at the other horses more. Thanks again!

    • Even now if I lose and I understand why I don’t worry too much. It’s when I sit there after a loss and think “what happened there? Why did I lose?” That’s when I don’t like it.I think understanding your losses is more important that understanding why you won. They both lead you to the same place. 🙂 Cheers MG

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