Racing Preview Video 31st May

Only 1 trade today.
5:10 Catterick: West Leake Hare 6.2 stop loss at 7.8

I have posted a couple more videos from yesterday HERE

Have a good weekend. No preview video tomorrow or Sunday as per usual, I have having a day out either Monday or Tuesday, we are waiting to see what weather looks like first. I’ll communicate this via Twitter save you waiting for the video 🙂

5 thoughts on “Racing Preview Video 31st May

  1. Ahhhhhh , picked that same horse…. but missed the price…was afraid to put in the stake when i saw the market , is now currently down , maybe it will go up , im not chasing it.
    MG , ever you ever thought of making the Daily preview a livecast????
    Or even a live trading video , i dont know using teamspeak or something like that….
    I think it would be awsome , not trying to discover you “secrets” , because i dont think there are any. The experience , and feel you have are the things that make you good at it….
    Think about it , i would be willing to contribute to something like that , and you would hear my amazing Portuguese accent…. LOL….
    Have a great day , and again thank you for the hard work

    • Even though I waffle on and seem relaxed when I am trading, don’t underestimate the amount of concentration it takes. Although I may be talking about 1 thing I am watching lots of other things, like TV, Live show prices, all the other odds in the race etc etc. If I added managing a broadcast and the inevitable questions it would be like watching a car crash. I know the tradingfootball guys do this sort of thing, but soccer is slow moving and more “black and white”. Racing is without doubt the hardest sport to trade. I may try it at some point (btw I have no secrets:) I share everything with you ) MG

      • I do know….Racing rocks , i trade with some sucess on the soccer markets , but its sooooooooooooooooo boring , that is why i keep coming back to the horses….
        It was just a thought…I am sure there are a enourmous number of things that you do to prepare the races , myself , i am limited to what the internet offers….
        Was just thinking , even if it was on an offline mode , something like a Q&A day , i dont know , of course that with a trade happening it would be far more interesting , but i do know what you mean….
        Ill be here , with you , until the end….. 🙂 LOL

  2. Hi MG,

    only want to say thanks for the new videos, there are very good.

    You are cracked the system, you have a big knowlege of this all, thats awesome.

    In the last videos you explained new things, thats very helpful.

    Thanks, nice weekend and stay green.


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