7 thoughts on “Racing Preview Video: 8th May

  1. I was having some problems with Chrome as well today, but cleared all browsing data including the cache and the Betfair graphs are all back to normal. I noted your selection down earlier on at half 9 but thought I could see something moving against it so avoided, and went with Wicked Wench at the 4pm Sthl and Balady at the 6.10 Kempton. Both moved down so I can scratch if need be, just want to say thanks again for the preview videos, they are invaluable and it’s encouraging to see you post up selections that I’ve spotted!

  2. What things would you recommend to put in a spreadsheet for recording these type of trades? Racecourse, time, price, p/l etc anything else?

  3. Thanks guys for all the advice on failsafes for internet loss,i have now taken steps to ensure i will be protected from now on :)…The loss was severe but at least i can take some comfort in knowing it was out of my control at the time and with what i have so far learned from you and your blog mg i will get back the unfortunate loss sooner than later :)…Went fishing today mate had a cracking day and just got back now i am whacked haha bloody hard work this fishing trading is easier :)…Hope you had a good day mate all the best.

    • I know what you mean darren, people think you just sit there and snooze. Whenever I go I never stop for a second. Like a lot of things, you get out what you put in. Remember mate, they are just lending it! MG

  4. Hi MG,

    what a great trade from you. I look every day and you still top the last day with another great video. 🙂

    Thats so awesome


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