Racing Trades 19th March- Evening Review

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2:20 Southwell: Scepticism: 4/1 for the arbers. 5.4 stop loss at 6.8

2:40 Wolverhampton: Romanticize. 9/2 bookies – 5.7 and the stop loss at 7


3:30 Exeter: Gemini Ahhs LAY at 1.6. Stop loss at 1.51

Evening Review:

Quiet day, but eventful! First up was a beauty. Scepticism flew in eventually from 5.4 to 3.2. I caught it on the way back at 3.35, it went a few ticks higher by the start. Gave a £58 profit, one of our best trades I think.

Romanticize bought me straight back down to earth, a non runner in the race messed all the prices for most of the early afternoon. After deducting the 3.1% reduction factor the new price was 5.52 and the stop loss at 7. It eventually hot the stop loss, before coming back a couple of ticks. max loss of £20.

The LAY Gemini Ahhrs initially drifted, It was as high as 1.67 as you will see in the video I’ll post up later. I’ll come back and put a link to where it is later. It was up and down before eventually came back past our original position. I closed at scratch. It went lower than this. But as I say often, when the momentum of a trade switches you would be foolish to stay in and create a losing position out of a winning one.

Not too bad overall profit of £36 and takes us over £300 for the month 🙂

10 thoughts on “Racing Trades 19th March- Evening Review

  1. Mugs.

    Writing this from my sick bed. This bloody virus has given me the opportunity to watch the entire video library. I said earlier that this site would become a must visit. The You Tube Channel is a must subscribe.

    Do you think there would be merit in doing a video looking at the cards for a day and taking us through the races that you wold be looking to trade and those that you wouldn’t touch.

    Thanks once again for taking the trouble to share your experiance.

    • I’ll have a look at this later, maybe even first thing in the morning. It’s not something I do. I assess each race as I see it. When I am looking for my early racing trades I go through each race methodically. I don’t plan in the morning what I’m doing pre race, too much can change. I always think the most relevant money is current money. Nope you get well soon fella. Cheers MG

  2. What a move on Scepticism earlier, helped me smash my previous record trade. Trying to take in what you are saying in the videos and add it to my own trading, doing much better than previously and its all really thanks to this blog. Thanks for taking time out to do this each day

      • mugs
        thanks for all the help.
        the way you choose a horse to trade has helped me beyond words,before i use to just jump in,been trading partime now for 2 years ,and this one thing i learned from you. may just be enough to put me in constant green,please keep them coming,
        thanks again .
        Marc Brennan
        Galway city

        • Marc, I wish you all the luck of the Irish making that jump to full time. It’s not as big as it seems. Appreciate your comment, gives me inspiration MG

  3. This is some of the best free training I have seen – your realistic and pragmatic approach has helped me toward a more disciplined approach and away from the stressful inplay racing stuff I was doing before and am still tempted to do!
    Thanks Mugs – it’s great to see this operating in real time and although I am only using 1/4 stakes at the moment I am building up my confidence as well as my bank.
    Would love to know what tools and strategies you use to make your choices to make your selections – keep up the good work – really enjoying the content.

    • Pete thats great to know. Well done for being realistic in the trades as your confidence grows. If some random guy was offering me advice I would want to paper trade him for 3 years before I stuck a bean in 🙂 Seriously though. This is a confidence game. Finding the trades is the easy bit. The skill lies with maximising the exit point. Knowing when to let it run and when to jump ship. If you are getting close to my exits you are doing very well. One thing to take notice of when exiting your position is to assess the WHOLE market. I am sure you will watched a few of my videos, the principles are exactly the same. If you can learn how the market reacts to changes in prices you will have cracked it. Regarding my selections, there is no big secret I promise. At some point I will reveal all. For now I am just concentrating on getting in more readers. It’s making progress slowly. It might be the best kept secret on the web 🙂 You would think a man giving money away and showing how to make it for free would crash the server 🙂 Once again thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated. MG

  4. Hello Mugs. Just found your site today and am mightily impressed with your commitment to share your trading advice.
    I have read your many comments on BA website and didn’t realise you had your own set up.
    I am now going through your vids and reading everything that I can get my hands on that you have uttered on trading.
    Like others who have found your site, I think it’s a goldmine of trading wisdom and given with integrity. Many congratulations.

    Best regards,

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