Racing Video Preview 17th May

I am having just 1 trade today. 3:50 York: Dutch Masterpiece 5.5 stop loss 6.8 Closed at 3.75 profit of £46

The quick trade on Llaregybd was closed at 5.2. I left all the profit on it for a free bet – luckily it won 🙂

Preview Video


21 thoughts on “Racing Video Preview 17th May

  1. Cheers MG – just watched today’s vid and caught the end bit about the number of views. Don’t usually get chance to see the preview video cos of work – but from the comments you get it looks like a lot of people value them and have used them start making their own selections.

    Personally, I prefer the live trade videos and have found them a massive help. So if I had a preference I’d vote for more trading vids – but appreciate that doing these takes time and effort.

    I noticed that you mentioned getting caught by a WD runner at York yesterday. Same ‘ere, quickly saw a decent amount of green disappear. Any general advice on how to react to a WD runner? Get out quick and take a fresh look at the market?

    • Welcome aboard. The problem with this WD runner was the uncertainty that entered the market. There are ways to take advantage of this. But it all depends on how prominent the WD horse was. If you apply the Rf % to the runner you can work out what price it should be and maybe use that as a benchmark. If it is a “2 horse market” and one of the 2 is WD the other will surely steam.
      I try to do the trading vids when I can. Keeping them fresh is a problem. I don’t just want to post the same thing over and over 🙂

  2. Hi MG, Really appreciate these videos, they are a big help to me. My mistakes are getting fewer and I normally manage to select the same horses as you but missed them both yesterday and managed to back the dog you rejected. It was doing OK 4.9 into 4.1 at one point but then just shot out. What do you advise when there is no money there to get off, it has happened to me a few times now, and laying on a badly drifting horse just sends it blasting out further with the 20% get out stake untouched.

    • Hi Jeff, These are thankfully few and far between. This is why I am “volume obsessed”. An exit is more important than the entry. Sometimes you just have to take it on the chin. The trick is not to get sucked into bad trades where you need an exit. have you heard of the old business saying. “You make your profit at the price you buy your products, not the price you sell at”. There is a lot to be learned from that saying when trading too.

  3. I do love your videos , im a begginer in horse trading , well , ive been doing it over a year now , but i still have not found a way to be profitable with it.
    I have kind of a hard time reading the market , i can scalp 1 tick most of the times , but im trying to learn how to detect swings , even if its low swings , 4 or 5 ticks….
    Hope you can explain a bit more , and thank you for your effort , its hard to find people willing to help out like you….

    Again , thank you….

  4. Morning Steve just listened to your mining preview whilst doing the washing up lol.
    Am currently taking sometime out from trading til mid end of June but still take a very keen interest in the blog and videos and was shocked to hear your comments at the end there about a lack of viewers. I would honestly say that if I had the money I would pay you to do the vids and they would sorely missed if you stop them so I will do what I can to spread the word mate.

    Appreciate all the effort you put in


  5. I know what you mean Jeff, I was on that horse but after MG put up the video and explained why he was staying away I got out 4.2, but without the video I probably would have been left counting my losses. I think we just need to keep going and get a feel for how this all works

  6. Hi MG
    I have been watching your video’s since the start of May, after just hearing your latest comment on the end of todays video, i am suprised that you need more visitors, you are offering a service for free.
    Imformation and training both for free somthing that you dont see on the Internet.
    You give out daily trades, which am sure your viewers trade on, they also see if they match there own trades of the day, its reassuring to them if they match yours.
    I have sent out a tweet today to see if I can increase your visitors.
    A lot of ways to increase your visitors will most probably cost you , maybe you could set up your site as a membership site and charge a small monthly fee, this could go towards the time that you put in, to which am sure you will get a lot signing up for.
    As am new to your blog I hope you dont mind my comments as i appreciate all the work that goes into making the video’s and your comments on each race you view.

    • Thanks for your comment and support Malcolm. It’s a slow progress. I have said from the start I do not want to charge for the blog. As long as it is moving forward I am happy. Once money starts changing hands it changes everything. Appreciate you tweeting 🙂

  7. Hi MG

    Just to add my appreciation also of your generous time and effort to go through the days cards. Will do my best to spread the word!

    With poor liquidity in your morning check for evening races, do you revisit them later on in the day?


    • Hey Andyor, It is possible to go though the markets at anytime. The morning trades are something I do to make something extra, I can make a reasonable amount for little effort. If I spent all morning on them it takes me away from other things so I don’t tend to bother.

  8. Hi MG!

    I’ve recently found your blog and went through all your videos and learned so much from them and would like to thank you for that.
    In last few days I tried doing the same type of trading you do, backing in the morning and looking to trade out later and doing ok. I don’t have problems in finding which horses to back but my biggest problem is knowing when to exit a trade.
    I was reading through your comments on that few times about that in comes with experience and there is no way to tell what would be the best time to exit. But by looking at your exit points, it seems like you are getting almost lowest odds on most of your trades, mostly better then BFSP is in the end.
    Could you say something more about what you look for regarding exiting those kind of trades? Do you exit most of those trades during live shows? Do you look to exit when you see that other horses are starting to come in? Does on court prices have impact on your opinion when to exit too?
    Because looking at those trades, most of those trades aren’t straight forward, I mean most of the time you won’t back a horse to see it steam all the way down without some bigger up and down peaks. So I would like to know how you look at the market when those peaks come, like when to stay in hoping it will turn back down again or get out with small profit or small loss before it continue to drift?

    For example, the other day I backed one horse at 5,00 in the morning and it started to steam slowly and for the most of the day that horse for trading around 4,20. And then around 30min to the off it started to drift as some other horses started coming in and in like 20min to the off the price went to around 5,20. I exited during that drift at 4,50 and took small profit. But then after that drift the price went back down and in the end that horse was trading at around 3,50 which would result in much bigger profit than I got.

    So, if you could write something more about what you look for during the day regarding those trades, it would be great. I know that every trade is different but if you could give some more pointers, it would be great. Because from looking at your videos I learned a lot about how to identify which horse to back but knowing when to exit the trade is still my weakest point. And I think many readers that started doing similar thing would agree with me on this and would appreciate some more pointers about that.

    Thanks in advance for your help and best of luck in your future trades.
    And hope you understand what I’m asking as English is not my native language. 😉


    • Hi Daniel, Sorry for delay in replying. Been trying to free up some time. Exiting is difficult and the rules apply to exiting any trade wether it be long term or pre race. What I look to do is constantly re assess my position. I hardly ever exit until well into the live show, I never exit before I am confident the price is on the drift. This is difficult as the ebb and flow of the market gives many false signals. I wish I could be more specific as I understand this is something many of you have trouble with. I think I will record a couple of videos to see if I can help with this if time allows.
      Don’t take any notice of BFSP. This really isn’t that accurate. At the end of the day as long as a profit happens thats what we are after :). Thanks for your message and kind words. MG

      • Thank your for your reply, MG.
        I know it’s hard to be specific on that as every market is different. But exiting the market is very important too as we have to aim to get as much profit possible. So if you could record some videos regarding exiting those trades, trying to explain your thinking and how you re assess your position, it would be big help. You did great job in your videos explaining your thought process for selecting horses that have big chance of steaming later on and now we just need some more regarding exiting later to complete that puzzle.
        Thanks in advance for doing that in the future and good luck with your trading.


  9. Hi Guys,

    this is a very thoug work btw. learning process. One day it works and another day i loss whatever i click on.
    This lossing makes me veeerry sad, thats so frustrating. But i will work on it.

    MG is a great motivation, don´t stop and work for it, you can make it. 🙂



    • Good man Toni,
      That’s a great attitude.We’re always learning and thanks to M.G. we’ll always be given good advice and pointed in the right direction.Remember,it’s more important to not lose than win,manage your positions and scratch whenever you can.It’s a long term game but you’ll get there with your attitude. 🙂

  10. Hi Gerry,

    thanks for your hopeful words, thats very nice.

    I will struggle through, and will hear of your words. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.


  11. Hi MG,

    Yesterday I put a comment on your site with some questions but I still don’t see it in comments.
    Can you give me your email so I can ask you some things in private if it would be better for you?
    Really appreciate your help through this blog.


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