4 thoughts on “Racing Video & Preview: 18th April

  1. Hi mate just watched preview and yes i see your reasoning now for not having the bets on midnight chase and tara’s rose and i was thinkin the same at the time esp the midnight chase race with galaxy rock coming in slightly i thought should i shouldn’t i and like you say if you can’t decide don’t trade the race ,well i did put both the above on and got good prices mate and they have both worked out good but in hindsight now after watching your preview it was not the right move to make,yes they have both been coming in steady but like you say its guesswork which horse out of the two being backed should you be on and i feel i got lucky today mate and thats another valuable lesson learnt for me and i love the way your thinking about so many ifs and buts.Easy to miss some things and i think i just saw both coming in strongly and never paid much attention to others in the race that were also not weak .Good point mate and thanks for the preview hope you have a good day.
    By the way mate incase you don’t know i am darren @mercs68 on twitter 🙂

      • Morning MG,yes mate i did good with those two yesterday had Tara rose @5.2 and out @3.50 and Midnight chase @ 7.8 and out @5.2 for a nice profit mate just over £47 profit for both but i will be paying closer attention to what you stated in the preview yesterday mate it makes complete sense 🙂

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