9 thoughts on “Racing Video Preview – 18th May

  1. Greetings from Ireland, new viewer here this week, Just to say hugely appreciate the time you give and your insight on trades.

    With thanks


  2. Hi Mugs , may i make a suggestion ?
    You obviously have a loyal following of a core number of people ( 100 ? ) who really appreciate your advice . Like trading amounts , the growth cannot be exponential and perhaps you have reached the limit .
    As a sign of thanks , perhaps you could set up a link to the Injured Jockeys Fund or similar so that your subscribers could gift an amount of money via Justgiving for example . At least then you could see how much others feel about your help.
    On another point , why not drop the Saturday early daily video and upload a few of your pre race trades from the afternoon races each Saturday ? Every race covered in a period of time – maybe 3 races on the trot or everything in an hour or whatever so we can see the ebbs and flows ?
    As always , best of luck.

  3. Hi MG, always enjoy the videos, even if there are no selections, cheers. I fully understand and agree regards dumping the Saturday mornings though. Awhile ago you mentioned in a post on BA that you had done very well from using bookmaker/dutching options, any chance you can do a video/short course exclusively on these?

    Maybe all the people watching the videos are not getting registered as watched. I must have seen them all but only half have “Watched” indicated beside them. They are greatly appreciated by me and your loyal followers. Best of luck today.

    • Hi Jeff, Regarding the dutching/bookmaking. This is very something I may do ay some point. For now it’s something I don’t want to complicate things with. Happy with the views as long as they are moving forward.

  4. MG;

    I agree with the others, your videos do make a big difference. Perhaps numbers have dropped off as there’s only so many people with the time and interest to watch them? I actually prefer the parts of your videos when you talk about trading and concepts and your opinions. You say you’re rambling sometimes but the info is gold.

    Cheers, Andy.

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