9 thoughts on “Racing Video Preview: 1st May

  1. looked at them 2 mesel, im already on blue maisey, i think im starting to slowly get the hang of it just wish i,d known aboot this years ago i might of had my yacht, ferrari & playboy mansion by now

    • Ferrari’s are a nightmare to drive, the clutch on my 355 was awful. You are better off with the auto in the Aston 🙂

  2. Hi Mugs

    Thanks for explaining your thinking re bookies prices. I would never have considered that angle. Now I will! And yes you explained it very well.

    I found Blue Maisey this morning at about 10.00. Tried for 5.5 for £50. Had to go out for the rest of the morning. Back in check Betfair. Very good move and matched so in your words “Happy Days” until I spotted 77p. Oh well the key is finding decent selections.

    Really enjoyed last nights videos.


  3. Hi Mugs

    Been watching the videos and following you on twitter for a bit now. Great advice and like others feel like I’m learning something.

    Question for you which I’ve not seen answered anywhere so forgive me if you have already answered. On these trades, let’s say you’re getting in around 10-11am, when are you looking to get out if the price hasn’t moved or if its drifted a couple of ticks? I mean in relation to time before the off. Obviously as you get to live show anything could happen so do you advise getting out about 15 mins before the off? Just interested to know really as I don’t have the setup yet for live trading eg bet angel / geeks toy etc.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Welcome- I nearly always go though to the live shows. If you are just waiting to close your trade I would say the BF interface should be ok. Getting out early means you quite often miss some big profits. Saying that you can make some money trading out early if thats what you need to do. Thanks for your comment. MG

  4. Did anyone see the graph for Cool Macavity today…trading at 1.2 during the night…went out to 2.0 in one swoop and then back in to 1.5. All in seconds.



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