17 thoughts on “Racing Video Preview 20th May

  1. Hi,

    that was a very good video for me today.

    You explained why you didn´t want to pick that horse, cause i pick that horse tomorrow, now i see things clear.

    Your ladder explaination is very good stuff, thanks.

    Have a nice time, hope my english is not so bad as i think :).


  2. Well M.G. ,
    Great video,all this “spade work” you do is really invaluable.In the short time I’ve been a member of your blog I’ve learned so much,I only wish I found you sooner.I’ve even started to make my own selections based on what I’ve learned from your videos.Thanks for all you do,it’s greatly appreciated.


  3. Another great video…. Keep it up… 🙂 , im learning a lot…. Hope that someday i will also be able to make selections like you do and even go on swing trades….

    • The is absolutely no reason why not. I worry that I just say the same things over and over on the videos. Perhaps that is a good thing? Thanks for your support. MG

  4. Hi MG,

    Thank you very much for sharing all you video’s & experience, you really are a god send,
    Ive learned more watching you trade then I have since I started trying on Betfair.
    Hopefully you will get more & more folk coming to your website.
    Carry on the good work.

  5. Something weird happened today on a late race , cant remember wich one but was at about 19.30…. A horse came from odd 100 to odd 6….. How is this possible , and it lost.
    Is this pure speculation????

    • Yes, I saw that too. This happens every now and again. Let me try to explain what happens.
      Sometimes in my preview video you will hear me “dismiss” some of the prices in the early parts of the market. If a horse is trading at a very big price it takes a very small amount of money to move the price, as the price moves in there are people who get carried away with the price move and join in the gamble which over exaggerates the move. If you look at the amount traded as a percentage of the reduction in odds it isn’t that much. A bigger move would be 3.1 into 1.7. This was Rosscommon which was a very weak market. I’ll mention in in my Tuesday video and try to explain better. MG

  6. hi mugs,
    havent been in touch for a while,but still watch everyday,keep up the good work,just a quick note did you see the 15 .10 at redcar yesterday? the overround on the back side at times was as low 90% i thought there was a problem with betfair, but if you look at detailed results on betfair you will see it looks strange. am i right in thinking if you dutched the field you could not have lost. i have never seen this before on such a scale is it something we should be watching out for?
    reguards peter

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