Racing Video Preview: 25th April

I am having 4 trades today:

Perth 3:15 Fiddlers Reel : 6 stop loss 7.4 INTO 4.5 Profit £33 WON

Perth 5:20: Paintball 7.4 stop loss 9.2 Out 7.8 small loss

Lingfield 5:25 Final Drive: 5 stop loss 6.2 Non Runner – It had moved substantially

Lingfield 5:55 Cravat: 6.6 stop loss 8.2 Out 6.2 small profit

A couple of the ones I flagged up where big movers too. Shame I didn’t back them!!

I recorded a trading video from today. You can watch it HERE

Preview Video:



6 thoughts on “Racing Video Preview: 25th April

  1. Morning mate,just got back online today had major internet probs 🙁 Fixed now though and ready for today and i got on fiddlers reel at 6.8 earlier :)…Looks like some good racing today and punchestown has been cracking this week good to watch..Have taken into account what you said about stake increase mate and i decided to just hold fire on that for time being and i could increase the stake for the morning trades and my lay bet trades but i am trying to focus on the ladder which i must say is quite daunting when you first try but got a few things to learn on that first before i try stake increase..I tried the ladder other day and used a right click stop loss but when i switced to the one click screen i didn’t know the stop loss got cancelled and it was a costly mistake haha but not too much luckily by the time i realised. Is there no way to keep the stop loss on the ladder mate if your switching between ladder and one click or do you have to use global settings to enable that ?….Good luck today 🙂

    • Hi Darren,
      Once you move off the page the stop loss goes. In gruss you can open multiple tabs to have 1 market per tab, this keep the SL in place. I never use the stop loss facility. It costs more than it saves. I just visit the trade every 30 mins. been doing it this way for 5 or 6 years with no problem 🙂
      Do not under estimate how hard it is to “crack” the ladder trading. But if you can it will provide you with a trip to the nearest Mercedes showroom 🙂

      • Lol mercedes showroom long way from that mate will settle for new maver seatbox hahaha :)…Thanks for the info regarding stop loss on the ladder mate i just assumed once you clicked it it would stay in place and i have seen how volatile the ladder can be in some races mate just take my time with very low stakes to learn how it reacts at certain times cheers.

  2. That’s it! I’ve had enough! I’ve just smashed up my laptop (was quite old and deserved a good beating anyway) after backing the favourite for 100 in the 1435 @ Beverley when it was showing a smooth downward trend. The moment I backed it….. guess what….? It started to soar upwards! Convinced it would come back down, I waited and waited till 2 minutes before and then closed at a £25 loss. Then I watched the damn horse quickly get to the front and win the race. That was the point my right fist engaged with the screen of the laptop – which is no more!
    Although I’ve learnt a lot from your blog, I’m convinced someone is watching for me placing a bet and then shoving the market in the other direction. I just don’t have any luck on my side nor the self control to not smash any more things up.
    Thanks for all your work though MG. I’m sure it’s helping lots to win, just not me.
    And for that reason……..I’m out!


    • dont beat urself up kev i sometimes feel that way but now i dont chase a price.i laugh out loud when something is drifting i throw in a few quid to back it at lets say 6.8 there is hardly any money there at 6.8 but loads at 6.6 and below my bet dont get matched but i swear to the heavens it was my 5 quid that pushed the nags price down again only to see it go off at least a point shorter and then to continue to shorten in running.the mind games we have to deal with are crazy eh

  3. what was the reason to back that horse?
    i traded on same race Izzy boy 8.2 – 5.2 out
    Cinderslipper – 7.6 – 5.4 out

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