Racing Video Preview: 26th April

I am having 3 trades today
1:30 Doncaster: Fred Willets 6.8 stop loss 8.5 Out at 7.2 – was obviously going to drift once live show started. Loss £5
3:15 Sandown: Eye Of The Storm 4.6 stop loss 5.6 INTO 3.1 ( I got matched at 4.7 on Betdaq) Profit of £48
4:45 Doncaster: Rivellino 4.9 stop loss 6 Out at 4.2 Profit £16

Total profit £59

Preview Video:

9 thoughts on “Racing Video Preview: 26th April

  1. OK, so I said I was quitting…. of course i’m not. Nearly got back some dignity from yesterday’s abortion now.
    New laptop ordered and will resist punching the other computer today.
    Just to show you what I mean about having bad luck, take a look at the picture from the 14:20 at Perth today:
    Guess where I entered the market, laying Cockney Mackem……… that’s right, just at the top of the line as it appeared to be weak and others were coming in. Then as soon as I got in…… it turns and comes down again. I swear someone is watching me trade!! 😉
    Anyway, I got out with a small loss when I realised what was happening. I’m surprised it hasn’t started to drift again now that I’m out.
    I was already on RIVELINO today before you posted, so that’s good. I’m giving the others a go too, but I’ll keep a careful eye on them.
    Is it me, or is the market a bit rubbish today? Not much moving? I haven’t watched your preview yet, but will do now.
    Good luck everyone.

    • Kev, The mental part of trading is the hardest to accept. Trust me I have been where you are, and maybe worse. The ability to detach your emotions from “reality” is very very hard. I say sometimes that trading in this way isn’t for everyone. What I can tell you is that the more emotion involved the worse it becomes. You have to take each race as it comes as a separate entity. This is STILL a part of my trading I struggle with the most, even now. I strongly advice you to record your trading, do a commentary like I do, then watch them back in the evening. The mistakes you make will jump out at you.
      Markets are poor Kev.

  2. I know what you mean, Kev, about someone watching.
    I did not help myself yesterday. Despite MG’s advice not to “chase” and to only take a realistic price, I did both yesterday on one of the selections and hit my SL. A lesson (2 lessons!) learned.

    I think I have got the rules now…the 3 main ones, Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!

    So far, since I have had BA I’m down about £100…but, as I told my wife, that’s not £100 lost is £100 of experience bought and paid for.

    But I am so glad I found this blog! Thank you MB!


  3. I would also say something.
    Kev, I was is situation like you (I didn’t broke laptop,but I lost few on them in cash).
    Now (with new bank) I’m around minus zero,but what I’m learning from MG (thanks a lot) and my experience I’m now in some phase when I learning what NOT TO DO.

    Few hardiest stuff is discipline,seeing red screen and made things what you said that you will not to do (sorry for my English but I hope that you may understand).

    Thank you MG what you learning us and I hope we will go in the right way (yes,we need a time – a lot 🙂 )

  4. Hi MG, I have been playing with trading on the horses for a while watching every youtube video i could find mainly peters from betangel and the badger who uses evolution, and im in no way critising either they are both excellent at what THEY do. However after stumbling across you on the BA forum I have watched every single one of your videos and quite a few multiple times and I can’t put my finger on it but something has clicked and although i still make some seriously stupid mistakes i owe you one hell of a thankyou and probably a pint!
    Just wondered if you had ever considered doing a live webcast for your daily preview, as i have noticed that alot of the time by the time you have posted the trades the majority of the time the prices have gone.

    Anyways Im learning so much from you and i am so very greatful

    Kind Regards


    • Appreciate your kind words Mike. It’s great to know that people can turn their trading into a profitable enterprise with my influence. I used to post my trades live as I found them, but tbh I wanted to get away from my telling the guys what to back. In line with pretty much everything I do on the the blog, it’s about getting you to think for yourself. I do this by helping you acquire the skills and the tools to do it. You then have a skill to use long after I have got fed up with this and disappeared back under my stone 🙂 There are several posters who pretty much get the same I as I do. My advise is to watch the preview videos. All the clues are there. Keep me informed about for progress and let me know if you need any help. Cheers MG

  5. Fair point and pretty obvious really and fair to say I should be finding my own selections. I was quite pleased as i had gone through todays cards last night at about 10:30pm and found that Chill The Kite in the 2:45 was at 8.2 with half the 40k odd on it, unfortunately i quietly fancied it too so let the £30 profit ride on it. which wouldnt have so bad but later i got caught by my pc freezing during trading that led to a £20 loss!!!

    I also tried my hand at going through the card this morning just as you do and also picked out Eye Of The Storm which was pleasing whilst watching your preview.

    Sorry for the long posts, im just excited i guess



    • I like to interact with my readers/followers it helps me to understand where they are with their trading and how I explain my theories on trading. It’s no good me going on about stuff that nobody understands. MG

      • Well I can safely say that I am currently understanding all you say and the reasoning behind all i even enjoy your babbling lol.
        Here’s to a good day tommorow and i know i have said a few times already but thanks your effort really does mean alot


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