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  1. Well, I’m about to watch the video to see where I went wrong today and lost yet another £30 or so.
    It really is incredible! Even when I try a simple scalp, the first one gets matched then it leaps the other way and I end up losing again. Not sure how much more of this I can take! It’s just not getting through to me despite all your great videos and advice. Maybe I’m just totally thick!

    • kev

      chin up mate keep on going,try trading for lower stakes to learn from your mistakes…

      trade at 2 and you only win pennies but only lose pennies and this may help you learn.

      if you are losing all the time maybe you have seen the trade to late and it bottomed out,

      • Exchange is absolutely right in learning with smaller stakes tho I would suggest learning with tick sizes first (do a search on the internet and I’m sure you’ll find details) . I am nowhere near MG’s league (Premier compared with me being Conference or lower!) but I learned that I am pretty shit at scalping but over time learned that I’m not too bad at recognising the signs when a price is building up a bit of momentum to go either way as a swing – but as with all trading it’s knowing when to get out when the trade is not as expected and this is the art I am still trying to master as well as jumping out too early when its going well! Good luck and don’t give in it is a very bumpy ride.

    • I only post up the trades so you can see what I backed. My intention was to encourage you to find your own selections, then compare your findings with the video. I did actually intent not to even list them at all. But thought it would help clarify things. Hope that answers your question Max. MG

  2. Sorry in advance for long message
    Loving the videos mate, i’ve been tinkering with trading on horses for the last year (wish you were about back then) then i usually give up after a big loss, more often than not due to going inplay and my horse going wrong way and not closing. Am learning as 95% are profit now but there always one or two that screw me over. I was on Corn Snow too and closed on the last drift for a slight loss to see it come back in right at the death, what exit point did you have?
    Also not sure if any your videos cover this as i haven’t watched them all yet but what determines the odds movement, I always thought it weight of money pre race but that doesn’t always apply as a few times I jumped on as money has piled up on the back expecting it to drop and as soon as im matched off it goes 10 ticks up causing that oh f@#k moment. Trying to figure as well how the race is interpreted in the odds as there some big swings in play and often tempted to risk playing.

    • Hi Dave, I closed very late on Corn Snow for a couple of ticks profit, a bit of a non event that one. In respect of when to close, it’s THE big question. The way I trade them is I make constant assessments of the overall market and try to get a picture what is going on. Pretty similar to when I place the trade. It’s something that will improve with practice. This skill can be transferred to all your trading once learned. But it will not happen overnight.
      WOM is not something I look at. My selection process is well detailed in many of the videos. I constantly go over the key points. i.e Volume, trend, bookmaker odds. It isn’t a complex process, but is effective. WOM only has any effect in a market if there is momentum. WOM on it’s own is a Red herring.
      In play trading is a stand alone trade. If you know what you’re doing it is very profitable. If not very expensive.I never let my pre race trades go in play.
      Hope this answers your questions. MG

      • I’m gong to spend a day during week not trading and go through every video of yours with no distractions, have to say i’m so easily distracted i prob missed a thing or two. Does sometimes feel somebody sees money coming in and they influence the movement to try scare you into taking a loss, paranoia if i didn’t know better but some moves go against everything you can see in front of you. Twice yesterday with idiotic thinking rather than take loss and went in play and turned it into a gamble rather than a trade, in end i let it go as a bet sorta hoping it would win to put me in profit for day as it was a favorite but telling myself if it loses i’m never going to do it again and learn this harsh lesson…it lost! Meant I had to restart bank then hit trade after trade into green so the self harming hopefully rebooted the brain.

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