14 thoughts on “Racing Video Preview 30th April

  1. Will watch it now .. I’m interested in what you have to say on the 3.50 at bath I got on the fav at 5.2 and its in to 4 already …I picked this selection using snippets of advice from your videos . Thank you so much

    • Hi Lee, Good choice on Jolly Roger. By the time I got to it I had missed the peice. I don’t get involved under 4 at this stage so i dismissed the race as JR was strong. WD mate. Glad to know my “teachings”are starting to bear fruit for my readers 🙂 MG

  2. Hi Mugs.

    Last nights videos were very educational. I traded pre off yesterday afternoon and found Wolverhampton incomprehensible at times.

    This morning I was working on my selections and am pleased to find that you found very little. I seem to be on the right track. One thing that really interests me is your comments regarding the bookies prices and a possible selection. I think most of us would see 5 on Betfair and say 4.5 on a group of bookies as an opportunity. The fact that you don’t see that has really made me think. Hopefully you will be able to find some time to expand on this.

    Pre off trading here we come


    • I use this as an extra indicator. What I’ll do is expand on this in tomorrows video Nick, it’s easier than typing 🙂 Wolves can be like a Harry Potter film without the happy ending. MG

  3. I had 100 on verse of love I let 50 go in play that’s the old punter in me .. Never mind I just opened another pp acct so I’ll have another 250ish by tonight …… As long as they don’t restrict me lol

  4. Hi , vids are great.
    i couldn`t help but notice you broke two of your own rules which i`ve tried to adopt.
    1, don`t trade in a Hugh Taylor race.
    2 , don`t trade early on horses at 4.00 or less.
    Was there anything really strongly pointing you towards this horse differently to normal ?

    • Hi John, I try to keep to my rules, but there are exception sin which I break them. The Gaul wood trade was right at the very edge where i’d want to go. A couple of ticks either way is ok, as long as there is substantial signals in your favour. This seemed a good trade (which it proved to be). The Hugh Taylor selection appeared after I had got involved. As you will see the trade went live during my assessment. I cancelled the Betdaq part. The horse he put up usually drops in price very quickly. This hadn’t so I decided to see how it went. I got away with it I suppose. I try to lay down strong guidelines so that they can be adopted. If you stick to them you won’t go far wrong. I use a little bit of extra leeway sometimes. It doesn’t always go my way. But in this case every box I look for was ticked, so I took a little more risk than usual. Hope that answers your question John. Btw I am chuffed that someone is clearly paying attention to what I say. This gives me a good deal of confidence that I must be on the right tracks 🙂 MG

  5. Hi slightly off tack but do you trade football matches and if you do what strategies do you use and would you mind posting some vids .
    I enjoy watching your racing trades and your thinking behind them.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Chris, My Football bets are more pre match trades. I may do something for next season, but they would even more boring than the racing ! Cheers mate MG

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