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  1. Good morning MG,

    first of all, the Betfair graphs look on my chrome browser very well, so its on your browser/computer.

    I´m very proud of/on me, because i picked the same horse like you “generalyse” :)))), but you can proud of you too, i learned it all way from the best teacher and hope there is no barrier above. 🙂

    So when you are away this next few days, this is the example for me, can i choose the right horses ;).

    Have a great time dude, you are great


  2. Hi
    Is it possible to know the time between your search and your post on this blog because few minutes after this post the odds drift to 7.6. I try to learn viewing your videos but English is not my maternal lunguage so it takes time to understand it

    • Hi,
      I start to record the video at around 10:10 GMT it usually takes 30 mins, it is then uploaded. I do no record the video so that you can copy my trades, my intention is to show you how I find the trades. If you learn the skill you can do this for yourself. Many are already making money using my methods. Which is great! MG

  3. Steve, another good video, thanks. Quick point — you mentioned yesterday about watching the Koukash runners. I noticed today you spent some time trying to understand the price movements of Fine n Dandy in the 15.50 at Chester today.
    This is a Michael Owen horse, and I think we saw yesterday him and his mates like to win at Chester as much as the the Doctor, and he had a couple of winners yesterday already, so I think we can expect some strange moves on horses connected with him & Dascombe.
    He tweeted this morning :
    michael owen ‏@themichaelowen 33m
    Day 2 of Chester’s May Festival. We are hoping Fine N Dandy does the business today.

    Hope this helps, enjoy your break mate, be safe.

    • Good call on this John. Chester is Owens local track too. The manor house operation is as you point out another one that targets the Chester meeting. You cannot underestimate the strength of “local” connections. McCain at Bangor. Lucinda Russell at Ayr etc etc. Cheers mate MG

  4. Great learning for me today. I identified Generalyse at 10.00. However I felt it was too long and a bit thin behind. It had all the pointers to a move of some sort. Now that I have seen you decide it was worth taking on I will bear this type of situation in mind next time.

    Hope you have a good break.

    • It was touch and go for me too Nick. The price was bigger than I would have liked. I wouldn’t have touched it at 10.Got a nice move on this I got out at 6

  5. friday 10th may.
    guys alot of money coming for dutch masterpiece in the 3.15 at chester,
    the big daddy is away lets see whet we can do on our own,,,??

  6. dutch masterpiece now a non runner,worth putting in the note book i think.im sure the money will come next time ,im guessing the ground was too hard for him to-day as he has only ever performed well on soft or heavy,,,i had a nice 17 euro profit on him ,,,grrrrr

  7. Two for me this morning Jawaab 14.25 MR. Matched at 6. Joker Choker 15.30 MR. Matched at 7.6. They both fitted the Mugs profile. I hope the great man will approve

    • Jawaab touched 5 and Joker Choker 6.8. As Mugs advises I keep an eye on the trades (which go on at 10ish) every 30 minutes or so. I was happy to green both of these as the money seemed to be drying up on the lay sides. Jawaab drifted badly and Joker Choker drifted. So today I made a couple good decisions.

      • nice job,,i had to go to work at 12.00 noon,,so i missed all the flashing lights and fun.but got home at 7.30 caught the last fiew races and managed to made 44.00 euro combined ,so im happy enough,,ill throll through the football markets now till midnight and se if i can make a fiver here and there,

  8. Nick….
    where can i find out what the price wise horse is without sucribing to them ,ive been looking on line but cant find any one who posts it up ??????

  9. Sunday


    This looks a trade to me:

    Kempton 16:50 Pantxoa 5.2 Stop Loss 6.6

    Would welcome any views…


  10. Andyor/Martin — Good discussion, I had my eyes on that one too at 10:15 today, to be backed at 5.3. Currently (12.48) the fav looks like it is weakening, and Pantxoa is available to lay at 4.8 for £175.

    I guess it’s the bets you don’t do that eventually lose which are as good as winners!

    Have a good day gents.

    • Just noticed Triangular was withdrawn at 12.40 with a reduction factor of 11.1% so it may mean it isn’t as strong as it first looked. May mean the fav is weaker than it looked though?

  11. I saw the same horse, but i wouldnt get involved. The fav doesn´t make anything so far and the other horses have poor volume. Did you profit from that trade?


  12. Hello,

    i got a potentiell trade, if you want and have time have a look.

    16:25 Donc, 13th May – Shesastar

    – Fav looks like he´s driftin
    – Second Horse doing not much
    – Shesastar good volume (more than the other) coming in

    Have i forgot anything on my opinion to chocse those horse?

    Greets Toni

  13. Toni, I had a look at that, but I didn’t think the fav was weak enough, and Zacynthus was pretty strong.
    The 2 I selected ealier were Curly Come Home in the 17:00 and Leitrim King in the 17:10. Both have comein nicely, but are slowing down now.
    Good luck!

  14. Hi, thank you for the answer, if you sad it, now i see it, looks very strong.

    I will look what happend. This tow horses i also saw but wasn´t sure, so i leaved.

    Thank you very much, you too.

  15. Hi Toni & The Brigadier
    Running a bit late this morning….
    Have had a look at your selections and agree with you both: favs not strong..money for all 3 with positive chart downtrends.


  16. Hi again,

    i tradet out, Shesastar driftet and King of Jazz coming in, this is how it can go.

    What are your results?


  17. Hi Toni,

    I did OK, I got Leitrim King @ 6.6 but traded out at 5.6, I should have stayed with it as it is now 4.8 ! Curly Come Home I backed @ 5.1 and exited @ 4.4 as it looked like it was turning around. Am only playing small stakes whilst learning.

    Thanks for your comments Andy, have a good day.

    (Is this bad internet etiquette to fill up MG’s page whilst he’s away? I wouldn’t wish to abuse his hospitality)

  18. In reference to your comment The Brigadier if this was my blog id be proud as punch that you guys are discussing and putting into practice everything that steve has been teaching us.

    • Mike is absolutely right, been reading through the comments and I am very proud of what I am reading. Great work guys! MG

  19. Morning all

    One potential trade at the moment;

    Beverley 17:10 Wellingrove 5.0 Stop loss 6.0

    Will check evening cards later as I have to go out for an hour or two….


    • Hi andyor,

      Spotted that earlier too. Managed to get on it at 6.2
      Into 4.6 already. Decent start to the day.

      Finding this blog has certainly turned my trading around.

  20. Thanks Andy, good momentum that, fav a bit strong though!

    I’m also keeping an eye on Big Wave in the 15:10 (fav still a bit too strong for me) and Schinken Otto in the 15:30, but the volume worries me at the moment.

    Probably won’t end up having any bets by the looks of it.

    Good luck all.

  21. Hi
    Out today and off-line so no trading for me.
    Hope you did ok yesterday Brigadier with your live trading…
    Good Trading All


  22. Thanks Andyor, did OK on the trading, but found there was a lot of last minute (90 secs pre -off) volatility.

    Low volume other than York today, I sorted out South Stack in the 16:35 @ 4.8, (now 4.5) and am looking at the 15:40 and 17:40 markets to see if something develops as more volume comes in.

    Have a good day everyone.

  23. Hi Guys,

    I identified “Extortionist” in the 16.25. Got on at 5.0 (now 4.6)

    I’ve Missed the boat on South Stack I think 🙁

  24. Good luck with Extortionist — are you the ‘real’ The Badger?

    South Stack has worked out well. I also tried Cockney Bob in the 17.40 at 5.0 as the fav was weak but money came in for Centrality, so I exited at 4.8.

    All the best today.

    • this is very important,to notice when other horses going down your stopped and maybe he will drift,MAY BE its a signal :),this “signal” may cut your profits but for sure will cut your losses which is more important 🙂

  25. After 5 days of trading in profit, South Stack wiped it out yesterday in the space of 5 minutes. Penciled it in in the morning as a possible trade but overlooked it in end and it came in from 4.5 to 2.7. It hovered for a good hour between 2.7 and 2.8 so decided 1 tick scalps, literally the moment i put £200 in all hell broke loose and the odds shot up to 3.7. Craziest thing I ever seen could not get out easily, i felt bullied and manipulated. If i could upload the video i took it would give you all a laugh. I tried to fix in play, didn’t happen. Lesson learnt and never try fix a horse trade when it starts race by running sideways. Analyzing video it seems the 4th favourite steamed in to 3rd and just to finish me off a few minutes later the 2nd steamed into 1st. Could’ve cried haha.

    • Unlucky Dave. these things happen. Don’t take it personally. Every time you win someone loses. I must he hated 🙂

      • So true and yeah you most probably are haha. Hard to not take it personally and todays’ trading shows I have though i cant be alone in thinking today not been a good day to trade (down £2 in end). Frame of mind affects it badly too, slight argument with kid earlier hasn’t help so geekstoy turned off and back tomorrow all guns blazing.

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