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If there is one sport that the majority of traders want to master it’s Horse Racing. Specifically UK Pre Race. Those last few frantic and seeming impossible minutes where the market is at it’s peak. There are usually at least 30+ races per day, so lots of opportunities to profit from moves in the market.

For 2016 I can offer you the opportunity to join me for a day long Racing Workshop.

I will show you how to…..

  • Assess the Market
  • Find an Entry Point
  • Find an Exit Point
  • Understand why the prices are moving
  • Gain confidence
  • Understand how a book works and it’s significance.
  • Stop guessing which way the odds will move.

This type of trading is notoriously difficult to master. I believe this will give you the tools you need to take your trading to another level.

To compliment the Workshop you will be supplied with not only the material we reviewed during the Workshop, but many more examples of my pre race trades, all with my “unique” style of commentary.

The Workshop will be intense and FUN. It will be interactive and you will be involved throughout. My teaching style is informal and unique. While you are with me at the venue you will be very well looked after. All beverages and snacks (Muffins and biscuits) are provided Free of charge. Along with a very nice hot/cold buffet lunch. The facilities are top class.

Pricing – Booking – Availability – Venue

Price is an incredible £225. 

Booking via email

Presently there are 3 dates

January 25th 2016

March 28th 2016

May 16th 2016

The Workshops will be held at The Village Hotel – Coventry

I have a specific page about the Workshops WORKSHOP It will give you all the information  If there is anything specify you wish to know please get in touch.


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