Scheduling Time

Something I have always (until recently) been crap at doing is managing my time. I always used to rock up and get on with it. This worked fine as I had nothing to do all day but trade. As I have spoken about a lot recently. This has now changed. I have a life to live and other things to do. So my time is always under pressure. I needed a way to deal with this.

I now have a diary, well 2 diaries really. One is electronic called Schedule Once other is a hardbound one from Collins in A4 size. What I do now is allocated blocks of my time. I ONLY engage in the task in my time slot. I turn off everything else. Phone, Social Media, TV etc.

So if on a given day I may have allocated 2 hours to trade between 2:00pm and 4:00pm and maybe a further hour between 7:00 and 8:00pm. So that is when I trade. I focus 100% on this task and blank out everything else. I wish I had done this years ago. I am trading less, but the quality is way higher.

Here is a great example: I love Cheltenham. It is a special week of my year. Even going back to the early 1990’s I would take a week sick from work, Once my gaffer spotted the pattern I had to take 4 days flexible holiday I had every year to cover it. I haven’t missed a Cheltenham race since then. But this year that all changes. On Tuesday I have to be somewhere else. My Mum has a hospital appointment, it’s my responsibility to take her. Now usually I would shirk this and insist that my Brother or Sister had a day off work and I would cover their loss of wages. But that is a shit way of living I am sure you would agree. I want to sit and listen to what the consultant has to say. for myself, trying to get my Mother to explain is always a challenge!

This feels almost liberating. I am free! Now we all know that “real Pro’s” would NEVER miss a Saturday, let alone a day from the festival. Probably means I am a fake eh?

I can pack more into these shorter sessions than I used to. It also means I do not feel guilty about doing other activities. This would work really well for you guys with full-time jobs AND family life to fit in. Don’t flit from one thing to another. If you only have 1 hour to trade. That’s fine. But do ONLY that. The quality of your sessions will show improvement week on week.

Give it a go. You have nothing to lose.

On a side note. I have just 4 places left for my Workshop on 8th April. Please get in touch if you wish to come along. Or just the booking info on this page.

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