Sixth Sense?

A new video from 29th April that I recorded.

The favourite called “Sixth Sense” was well supported initially and looked like it was going to be a big steamer. It didn’t quite turn out that way.

One of my Skype Community mentioned in our room that Mark Johnson’s horses were out of form. (Cheers for that reminder Matt 🙂 – btw Matt is a Pro Tennis trader who is also a very talented all rounder Trader. If you want to learn how to trade Tennis he is THE MAN). Having a little bit of extra information that may explain why something is happening in the market can be valuable. For example, if Johnson had had 3 winners that afternoon, that may also have an influence on the way the market behaves. When the numbers on the ladders are whizzing up and down with seemingly no pattern. Anything that may give you an idea why something is happening is Gold. I am not saying you need this info to trade, but as the saying goes…….”every little helps”.

The main thing to take away from this trade I think, is that I always trade the whole market. By that I mean I take into account EVERY runner. Not just the one I am trading. This isn’t entirely straightforward as there are times when I am not in the best position


Here’s the video. I welcome your questions and comments as always.

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