Trading More Than 1 Runner

Something you will very rarely see me do is trade more than 1 runner at a time in a race. My thinking is if you think you know which way it may go why not increase you stake on 1 horse?  Sometimes though you can take advantage of more than 1 move and this is such an example. Once you watch this video you may understand why i do not trade more than 1 at a time. Basically because I am not very good at it! But it is what it is.



The front 2 in the market start off at a similar price. Although there are a couple of others that are able influence the market these are all drifting. As always my priority is to find an exit position . If the trade is not going to plan, I need to find a place that will limit my loss and protect my bank. As the other runners in the field at this point do not seem to be moving one way of the other I treat this race as a 2 horse book, My thinking is one will move in and 1 will move out.

My initial position is to place a lay bet ay 3.35 on Lacan. The key to this trade is ifWannabe breaks through the end of it’s range and the crossover. The way the market overall was shaping gave me some confidence that if either of the front 2 (if any) were going to break through the crossover it would be Wannabe.If it did I expected 2 things to happen. Firstly it would quickly move down and secondly that as a consequence of this Lacan would have to drift.

1:45 – Wannabe at last breaks through and i decide to help myself to a few quid. My lay bet on Lacan hadn’t been taken, but the breakout of Wannabe gave me added confidence that it would drift some more. So I move my position up to 3.5 and adjust my potential exit to 3.3/3.35. I take initial positions. You can always add to your position, but going in hard means it’s more painful when it goes wrong. My priory is not to make a huge total, it is not to lose. A small loss is acceptable and happens sometimes. But if it’s under control I don’t worry about it at all. With this style of trading the old saying ‘You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a Prince” rings true.

Not doing a lot of talking during this, that’s because I am typing and I can’t do both! lol I am just giving some advice in my Mentees Skype room as to this race and potential scenarios.

4:35-4:40 – After it’s brush with the cross over at 4, Lacan looks to be peaking. I decide to take the profit and concentrate on Wannabe – This would have been a better idea from the start.

Pretty soon after I run out of time and close the trade for a combined profit of £75.

Update on Mentorship Program

We are in full swing now and my new group of guys are settling in very well. I can’t tell you how proud I feel when someone tells me they have just have their best ever day or week. Better that that even is the constant results that are being achieved. I am not saying this. They are!

There are limited places left for 28th July, my September date invitations will be sent out shortly before I release it publicly. I have not got any more dates planned after September at this time.

If you are interested all the information is HERE and my Testimonials are HERE

As always I welcome your questions and comments

10 thoughts on “Trading More Than 1 Runner

  1. hi steve

    i am so pleased your new guys are doing well, not just for me or them, but for you. i have for many years now tried to be one of lifes good guys in my own way, however if i had achieved your success, in the field of trading, i cannot hold my hand on my heart, and say i would have been willing to share my knowledge. your willingness to help people, jumps out from from these videos. i myself have in the past been credited with inspiring some of my close friends, which amazed and pleased me,you inspire me. anyway enough arse licking, roll on june lol. just to put things into perspective i worked 36 hours last week, to bring home £247, most of the poor f—ers have to live of that

    thanks peter

    • Hi Peter, There isn’t a day that I trade that I do not think about exactly the point you make. If I can help improve someones life in a positive way, just one tiny bit by sharing what I know that makes me very proud.I come from humble roots, I don’t ever forget that. Cheers Peter – Steve

  2. i have a problem clicking the mouse, and there you are multitasking, don’t know where you get that
    confidence from, it just totally astounds me.
    has always stunning stuff.
    thank you

    • Hi Anthony and thanks for your comment. Watch any professional doing their job and they make it look easy. It’s about finding something that works and repeating it, over and over. I was lucky enough to be offered a chance to learn painless dent removal when I worked at the car factory (Peugeot). I spend 6 weeks with a guy who had done it for 35 years. He made it look so easy, but even after 6 weeks intensive training I couldn’t do it. Trading isn’t like that. With enough help and guidance I believe anyone can get into a position of being profitable. Thanks again for your comment. Cheers Steve

  3. Just to say I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I have watched your video on spoof money and now understand what it means and what they are trying to achieve.

    As you will have gathered I am new to trading and am constantly amazed at how quickly you can interpret market movements and act on them, correctly.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    • Hi Lewis, Thanks for your comment. I watch too many markets. I even see screens of numbers in my sleep lol. I guess it’s some sort of postern recognition. We all have it in us. I can see when something is happening in a market straight away. I never notice when my wife has a new pair of shoes though lol – Cheers Steve

  4. Steve,

    This is more of a software related question, how do you manage to run bet angel on your mac? I’ve searched on the net but can’t find anything of use.


    • Hi Greg, I use Parallels desktop. I had to add more RAM, but it works ok. The iMac has blown the video card, so awaiting repair. The alternative is to use a VPS. Tagadab has one for £15+ vat a month which does the job. Once you but Parallels (about £50?) you need to load Windows, so you may need to buy that too. Hope this helps Cheers Steve

      • Okay great thanks.

        I have windows setup via bootcamp but don’t like running it on my Mac really, if I progress well will just invest in a little windows laptop which will use for that.

        Thanks for reply.

        • I wouldn’t want to trade on a laptop, unless I connected oit to a big screen. The big screen makes all the difference I think. Try the VPS, way cheaper than a laptop 🙂

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