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Been a while since I had a chance to blog. Really busy with mentoring, trading and …!

I picked up a comment from a guy called David who asked about sharing the way I set up Gruss. I have been sharing my settings with my workshop groups for ages, but though it may help a few of you if you wanted to set up as I do. When you have a new software package it can be pretty daunting find your way around it. This video just scratches the surface of what the software can do. But these are my basic ladder settings.

Not sure if anyone gives a flying fuck what I am up to at the moment and maybe what there isn’t too much material going up. In terms of trading videos, these are pretty time consuming and to be honest I think that if you watch the material I have up you can get the guest of what I do. I have no real desire to keep repeating the same old material over and over.

My Workshops have been a massive success and my network of guys who I Mentor within what we call “MG World” are going from strength to strength. At last count we had something like 20 full time traders in the group now. So it isn’t all about me. These guys all bring their own skills and experience to the group. All have attended a workshop with me, so we all trade the same way and this is incredibly helpful to the less experienced guys. I have 2 workshops left this year, 26th Sept and 21st November. I don’t have too many places left for September, so if you were thinking of booking I would advise you to do it sooner rather than later. Having many taking up the option to join the Mentor group too which is fantastic.

LINK to Racing Workshop page

Been enjoying the dry weather and a chance to get out on my Motorcycle. My illness last year stopped me getting out too much, so by time this spring came I had cabin fever and was desperate to put some miles on. Been taking advantage of the quite Monday and Tuesday afternoons to get some serious miles in. By the time Wednesday comes I am chomping at the bit to trade again.

Although I haven’t blogged too much, I do post stuff on my Facebook group.

As always, happy to answer any questions you have.



2 thoughts on “Gruss Settings

  1. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for sharing your setting. Your blog and bids are a goldmine, really can’t wait to come do your workshop in Sept. 🙂

    Quick question – what’s the main advantage of Gruss over BA or Geeks Toy?


    • Hi Luc, Glad you are excited about the Workshop in September. I will be working very hard to ensure it meets your expectaions.
      In terms of software. If you already use one of these, stick with it. If you are starting out try them all on the free trails and see what you think. They are all excellent products. If you are joining my mentor group, we attach excel sheets to the software. As far as I am aware, AGT doesn’t allow this. bet Angel and Gruss definitely do. In terms of how I trade, they will all work perfectly. So then it comes down to cost and the other features the software has. I would be happy to use any of them, but my preference is Gruss.

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