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As I started work on my presentation that I will give to my attendees of my Training and Mentorship program, it dawned on my that some of the things i do i take for granted. I wondered how many others do the same.

One of the absolute key things that I do is keep records.

Not to the point of every trade, but every race or match. They are then reviewed and lessons learned. It’s a form of Kaizen (continuous improvement). I spent some time knocking up a simple spreadsheet (My thanks to Jon – Jonathan474 from the Bet Angel forum for his help).

This will record each day and each sport and build it into a record of all your trading. I’m pretty sure all Pro’s do this. If you are to succeed you need to start treating your trading just like a business. This is a good way to start.

If you email me I can send you the sheet. mugs

It was created in Excel 2013 and is Macro Enabled – The Macros are just a couple of buttons that help you navigate from one tab to the other.

It’s pretty straighforward. This is a short video of how it works. Any questions

82 thoughts on “Record Keeping

  1. Thanks for the download. Appreciate the work and advice you provide. Its helping me a lot with trading and keeping me motivated. Nice work, thanks a bunch.

  2. Hiya

    Thanks for your reply to my email and I shall be looking forward too seeing you in September all being well. I hope to use the time until then trying to learn as much as I can and have found the videos and explanations amazing. Despite many years of not very successful trading it does feel like a light as been switched on although maybe just flickering at the moment. I have been trying to download the results spread sheet but the dropdown box just says its empty so if not being too cheeky could you email me a copy. many Thanks Andrew

    • Hi Andrew, The file contains a simple Macro that lets you switch from page to page. Dropbox has taken exception to this. There for I will have to email out the file. Cheers Steve

  3. Hi mate. Have you still got one you could send out please I did download it before but I’ve made a balls up. Thanks.

  4. Never really thought of keeping track of my trading in a spreadsheet, but seems a no brainer now i can see how useful that could be. Probably because i never managed to master excel! Are you still giving out copies to people that want to try?
    And also, please keep up the great work on the blog. I have learnt so much in just a few short months, nothing of which i would have understood without your help!


  5. Hey Mugs,

    Love your blog and appreciate the regular updates. To date most of my trades have been in-play football but i’m starting to develop more of an interest in racing thanks to your articles and youtube clips. Would be greatful if you could send on the spreadsheet. Not something I’ve done before and seems a great idea.

    Keep up the good work mate.

  6. hi mate, great site and advise. just tried to get hold of the record keeping spready, but no joy. could you email it if poss please.

  7. Hi Steve, Would you mind sending me a copy of this spreadsheet when you have a free moment?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work on the blog.

  8. Great job Steve!Really helped a lot in the way i trade!I tried to download the record keeping but says the file has benn deleted.Could you please sent to my email?
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hi, stumbled on this from #betfairtraders, spreadsheet looks good, anychance of a copy, reading your blog with great interest, thanks

  10. hi Steve

    Any chance you could forward a copy of the spreadsheet please? Been meaning to put one together myself, but this one seems to fit the bill nicely.



  11. Hello Steve,
    Excellent Blogs. I particulary like the way you detail in writing, your reasoning behind your trades, after the videos. Can you please forward me a copy of the excel spreadsheet.

    Many Thanks

  12. Hi Steve,

    Great videos and blog. I keep coming back and viewing again as there is so much useful content. I hope one day to be as accomplished in my trading as you are. I am struggling with psychological issues at the moment such as accepting losses which everyone seems to have to get through. I know you mastered that a long time ago. Your spreadsheet would be a welcome addition if it is still available.
    Kind regards

  13. I have only discovered your youtube channel!! great stuff, keep it up, helping me no end. A lot of people whom post on youtube etc you never see trade an average bog standard race with little movements, because they are competitive those are the hardest to read and thus to trade, so appreciate all you have posted as you show the reality of what you people actually face when they start…. If you could hook me up with the spread sheet would be most grateful and once again a massive help!!! I am on video 172 out of 191, not long before I am up to date with your blog!! all the best!

    • Hi Allan – The fact that you have sat and watched 172 videos means you must be very committed! (and sad) 🙂 I have emailed you the sheet mate – cheers Steve

  14. Hi there, what a great site, I am working my way through the information contained here.
    May I also request a copy of the profit and loss document.
    Please keep up the fantastic service you provide.

  15. hi Steve
    just started following your blog, excellent stuff, i would really appreciate it if you could send me a copy of your spreadsheet, hope you have a great Aintree .

  16. Hi there, I have been following your blog and am really enjoying your straight talking way of explaining things. I have to admit that I have been deceiving myself with my selective record keeping. If you could forward me a copy of the excellent spreadsheet then I am sure it would help me with my self discipline and improve my trading. Thanks in advance and as always I will look forward to your next video post.

  17. Hi Steve,
    I received the spreadsheet many thanks. But the ” To see overview click here” and ” Back to Daily Totals” buttons don’t work, how do I fix it ?
    Just to let you know I haven’t read the Excel for Dummies book just yet, I’m still on the Ladybird Version : – )
    thanks joe

  18. Hi Steve
    Another great offering – but i can’t seem to locate the download link for your Excel Record-Keeping layout.
    I’d very much like to use it myself, any chance you could email the link (or the Spread sheet)
    – thanks

  19. Hi Steve
    Another quick (non related) question —- which do you rate , Bet Angel, AGT or GRUSS? – any advice would be gratefully received. I think they all work on Betfair & Betdaq, all support excel integration and automation, so what d’you recon?

  20. just discovered this sight, some great content and videos, love the no bullshit approach.

    any chance you can send me a copy of this spreadsheet.


  21. Hi Steve
    I met you at the Trading Event on Saturday in Coventry, along with Mark & Caan
    I just wanted to say it was a great day and I really enjoyed your talk and the information you provided. Your presentation style was perfect and easy to understand. Thanks for all the info you passed on.

    May I please request a copy via email of the profit & loss excel sheet that you mentioned and as shown above. Would really appreciate it as I am an excel idiot.

    Cheers and thanks again

    • Thanks, Kevin for your very kind words. I have emailed the sheet to your email addy. So glad you had a good day with us. Hopefully will see you at one of my workshops

  22. Hi

    This is exactly what I’m looking for but unfortunately I haven’t got a clue when it comes to excel. Is this spreadsheet still available?

    Many thanks


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