Steve Talks Shite No1

In my very first “Steve talks shite” post I feel the need to comment on something I heard in the car this morning. Now I have to say that I am a big Talksport fan. I love sport and I can usually be found watching, listening, trading or talking about it. (Never playing it though unfortunately!).

I do a fair amount of driving these days, and Talksport is always on in the car. This morning I was listening to Alan Brazil’s sports breakfast. He has a different guest presenter on each day. My favourites are Ally McCoist and Ian “Ollie” Holloway. Both have some great stories and offer a good informed opinion. One of my least favourite people is “Big Sam” Allardyce. This man is out of work for a reason, and football fans all over Britain are grateful of that. We all fear when our manager goes that he will get the job of making our team play fucking boring football from the 1990’s.

Over the past couple of weeks there have been “callers” on AB’s show. Supposedly Man Utd fans, saying they would welcome Big Sam taking over. Are these genuine? Brazil is big mates with Sam, I think he may have an agenda to get his mate a job. i may be wrong, but it seems like that. They seem to wheel Big Sam out every time there is a manager under pressure, and he takes great delight in sticking the knife in, in a snide way.
This morning he sneered over Everton’s dilemma, taking great delight in Marco Silva’s’ poor stats in the EPL. As Everton got rid of Sam because their poor beleaguered fans we fed up of watching crap football. He cannot seem to grasp that modern Football is an entertainment business. I think most of us would rather watch great entertaining matches rather than our team winning trophies “ugly”. Of course, we want both!

Brazil was also making mischief about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Saying he thought that the Manchester United job was too big for him. Another caller then pops up (Manc) and demands that Big Sam be given the biggest job in football. He kept citing that Mold to Cardiff to Man U was a step too far.

According to the ex England manager; (Did I fucking dream that???. The England fans singing the “Great Escape” tune are actually directing that at Allardyce. Fuck me, we really did have a great escape there!) The once mighty Man Utd are “in danger of relegation”. 

Yes, they have been poor and yes they have some average players. I have never thought Ashley Young being of a high enough standard to play for Man Utd, in fact there are a few not up to the standard of any top 6 team. Ashley Young? Fred? Dalot? Lingard? Shaw?

I feel sorry for Ole, there is no question that the man who has presided over the mess that Man Utd have become is of course with former accountant and investment banker with no background in Football and no clue. Mr Ed Woodward. He is no doubt very good at making money. But no so good at the most important aspect of running a football club. Having a decent team that excites the fans and wins matches.

So is there a way to make money out of this situation?

The market relating to EPL managers is “next manager to leave”
Ole has stiff competition from the afore mentioned Marco Silva at 1.8. Ole GS is 4.3 for small money with Betfair. Poch at Spurs is next in line, but Spurs chairman Levy is too shrewd and too tight to pay the severance pay.
The next fixture is a home match v Liverpool after the international break, followed by away to Norwich and then away to Bournemouth before meeting Brighton at home. I think he heeds 9 points from those matches. Can you see them getting that? I certainly can’t. I think even if the do not sack Ole, the pressure and rumours will only get worse and this price shorter.

Everton on the other hand have a home match v West Ham, then away to Brighton, home to Watford. Think Marco may get away with these kinder fixtures.
Ole is 4.5 with Paddy Power in the next EPL manager to go market
Marco Silva at 2.1. I think Ole may be odds on pretty soon. Problem is lack of liquidity at this stage.
Maybe a trade is too risky and not enough liquidity, but interesting to see how this plays out. Like I say. It’s a game of opinions.

Cheers Steve

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