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I have always been reluctant to collect a “mailing list”. However, I have recently discovered the value of it when trying to get a message to all my followers at the same time.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you will know I am not about the “hard sell”. If you like what I do, whether that’s video or articles, then maybe you should subscribe. I promise you that you will not get endless emails trying to market you stuff. My intention is to make exclusive content for you as a way of saying thanks for your loyal following.

This will include videos, some useful tips and access to a Monthly webinar that you will need to be a subscriber to join in. Occasionally I may offer you the opportunity to help me fundraise for a worthy cause or buy something I think may be of interest to you. But this will be the exception, not the norm. Anyway, if it pisses you off there is an Unsubscribe button too.

Something I suggest you do is “whitelist” my emails. They may go to your spam box

Hope you can join me!