Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review: 4th April

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I have money in the queues at all these prices. If ALL of my money is not matched the trade goes down as no trade. If it goes significantly lower, I will cancel the trade if the momentum goes against it.

Back Trades

3:20 Taunton: Alasi: 5/1 (11/2 in a place) 6 -stop loss  7.4. The market is gappy. There is money below this but may bounce back.

4:05 Lingfield: Star of Rohm 9/2 5.5 stop loss 6.8

All trades live

Preview Video:

 Evening Review:

A disapointing day for the racing trades. Our first runner was in the 3:20 Taunton. Alasi did not get matched at the price I adviced. When the live show started I cancelled the trade. It subsequently drifted back up past the advised price. I think if you did (against my advice) take a lower price there would have been plenty of opportunity to take a small profit. It didn’t go far past the 6 mark. Goes down as no trade.

The 2nd runner, Star of Rohm ran in the 4:05 Lingfield. It ended up as a drifter due to the strength of other runners. Once the drift stared it quickly ran into the stop loss for a £19 loss.

We are still well in front on the week, but been a shocking last couple of days. Like I say, these trades are a long term project. I am very confident of turning a healthy profit every month.

Review of preview: 

I always find in beneficial to go back over what I thought before I knew what would happen 🙂 This helps to hone your skills. If you got it very wrong, find out why. If you got it right, do it again. That’s a good way to improve i think.

Lets blast through and see what happened.

2:10 taunton. Bach on Tow – 8.6 into 5.1 – Won

2:20 Ling. Shirataki 4.6 into 3.85 -won – Gabrials Hope 8.8 into 6.4 – 2nd

3:55 Taunton: Benbane Head. There were many non runners taking the 11 down to 6.33 . It went down as low as 5 and finished 3rd.

4:05 Ling was the Star of Rohm trade. I mentioned in the video that Hard Walnut looked like it may threaten. Well it did. It came in from  6.4 into 4.6 and won. Gutting.

5:05 taunton. This is what I said. “Benedictus caught my eye, but it has had only £600 traded on it, so you can’t take it seriously”. Hmmmmm, Perhaps I should have. It was backed from 16 into 9.8 and went on to win.

5:15 Lingfield, Shalwa. 18 mins in on the video (yawn) I gave some comprehensive reasons about this and the reasons why I didn’t put it up as a lay. well it carried on drifting from 2.1 out to 3.25. It was unplaced.

5:20 Wolves. Ice Magic was a hugh drifter from 7.6 to 16.5. Manx Missile 3.9 to 5.5. Couldn’t have been more wrong about this race.

5:35 Taunton- Dragons Den came in a couple of ticks.

Not too bad overall. I think there are a couple of good explanations buried underneath all that waffle 🙂



Racing Trades:4th March

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Kempton AW, Southwell Jumps and Ffos Las. It’s as bad as it gets on a Monday. I almost want Wolves! Still we’ll give it a crack.


2:30 Southwell: That’s the deal 8/1  8.2 stop loss 10. Don’t chase this. I still have some money waiting. If it doesn’t get matched it’s NO BET

3:25 Ffos Las: Take of Shocs 7/1 : 8.4 stop loss 10.5


5:30 Kempton LAY Polar Venture @ 2.38 stop loss 2.16
5:40 Ffol Las Western Jo  LAY @ 3.2 – Stop Loss 2.74 DONT GET RUNNERS MIXED UP

Evening Review:

Back to 10:15 today. A dire afternoons racing but we came out in front.
1st up was That’s the deal. I had high hopes for this, but it was sluggish and didn’t go too far from where we backed it. Drifted initially before moving in close to where we started. I closed at 8.6 for a small loss.

The 2nd of the backs was Take of Shocks, it had gone as low as 6.6 before slipping back to the price I closed at at 7.2, was happy enough with the £15.
Next was the first LAY Polar Venture. This was a beauty that made just over £40. I recorded the video of the trade. I made a real cock up of this. I have posted the video just to embarrass myself.

Last of todays trades came 10 mins later. Western Jo. I made the comment “Don’t get runners mixed up”. There other short priced horse was Western Commander. I must have got them mixed up, as our horse was a big drifter and the other one steamed. It went straight into the stop loss. Good thing about Lays is I have tightened up the stop loss, so the loss wasn’t so bad.
Overall a profit of nearly £27 – not great, but it all counts