Match Odds – Potential Steamers Sat/Sun

I have a couple of potential steamers in the match odds markets for this weekend.

Man Utd away to QPR are 1.59.

WBA at home to Sunderland are 1.99

Both these kick off at 3:00pm

In the Milan derby tomorrow evening I have been tracking AC Milan all week. After a brilliant display against Barcelona and the patchy form from Inter, can anybody tell me why their price will not move in? They both played in midweek, Milan at home on Wednesday and Inter away in Romania on Thursday. Most football fans will watched the Milan v Barca game and I think this will be reflected in a steam of their price over the weekend.

Look for confirmation of a move and then help yourself.

Update: Sunday 8:45am

Man Utd: I managed to get out at 1.57. For a 2 tick profit

WBA : Took 1.87 (I actually already had some on at 2.06) 12 tick profit on this

Milan : Now into 2.2 from 2.34. A 7 tick gain so far

Make no mistake, these are BIG ticks. In a slow moving market with high liquidity you can get large amounts on for relatively low risk. These are the bread and better trades that underpin my betting.

Come back often for more trades like this.