Racing Preview Video & Evening Review 22nd April

My Daily Racing Preview video:

I am having 4 trades today

2:30 Hexham : Vosges 5.9 stop loss 7.4     Hit Stop loss -£20
4:20 Kempton: Iris Blue: 8.2 stop loss 10 INTO 6.4 Profit  £27
4:50 Kempton Al Amaan 7 (6.,73 WD runner 3.8%RF)stop loss 8.8 INTO 4.2 Profit £59
5:55 Kempton Midnight Feast: 4.3 stop loss 5.3 INTO 3.35 Profit £27

Overall profit today of £93

Preview Video:

5 thoughts on “Racing Preview Video & Evening Review 22nd April

  1. bravo mugs,traded vosges and iris + 1 mine and ended the day with red but its ok … learning 🙂
    hardly wait for your next preview video.

    • Great day today mg nice one mate and a nice tidy profit wd…Since i changed my way of betting mate and traded my usual lay bets (6 today all lost :), i have gained a lot more confidence and have steadily made good profits from doing it this way now so i would like to ask your opinion on staking mate and when to raise the stake?…If for instance i was to have doubled my initial starting bank would this be a good time to up the stakes and what percentage increase should i look for if this was the case ?

      • Hi Darren, The problem with increasing stakes is how quickly? I had a few bad trades today, all because I had too much money in. The markets turned quickly and I could not get matched – = loss. This is pre race so won’t apply to the morning trades. My advice would be a slow increase of 20% at a time. Increase your stakes 20% and see how that goese. If still working ok after a week increase another 20% until you reach a point that is uncomfortable. WD on your bank increase mate. MG

  2. hi new to this but just wanted to ask when do you lay back the trade? i read ur piece on this and you say it comes with experience but looking at ur lay points you show the you just lay it at bfsp or as you say with experience its up to ourselves when/where to lay it?

    • Hi David. I usually wait until the live show to trade out. I see how it looks based on the overall market. I usually beat BFSP – It’s a case of best guess until you get the experience. Although I am posting my trades i am trying to encourage my readers to find their own trades too. I know serveral were on these before I was! good luck MG

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