Hi guys.

Please accept my apologies for my absence this week. I am having to deal with some issues that are taking up lots of my time and I am in headless chicken mode. Hopefully the lack of preview videos have not been too badly missed.

It’s great to see all the positive messages that are appearing and how you have been supporting each other in my absence. I will get the comments section and answer each one individually as soon as I can.

I will not be able to get the preview videos up, next week for certain, but hope to be back in business for Royal Ascot. In the mean time if I get a chance I will try and stick something up video trading wise.

I have lots of requests for the book percentage spreadsheet. To make this easier for everyone concerned can you please re submit your request to my email. mugsgame@hotmail.co.uk so I can get it too you asap.

Trading Racing is as tough as it gets. I don’t have all the answers, but I try to point you in the right direction. I cannot stress enough that you need to tread with caution and use low stakes until you are confident you know what you are doing. When I read about some of you losing heavily it saddens me greatly. You’re first step on the very long ladder to success is to stop losing. Once you can trade consistently without losing you should be able to take a hugh amount of confidence from that and slowly start to increase your stakes. Remember to look at the “big picture”, the whole market. Please read the How to guides “Reading The Market” parts 1 and 2. This should give you some idea of what the hell is going on and why. The markets are particularly difficult recently and something new is happening. Whenever something changes we have to work out what it is and how we trade around it. The huge amounts of money that are being dumped into markets have all the signs of a non punter. Be cautious!

Once again please accept my apologies for my absence.


60 thoughts on “Absence

  1. Glad to see your message today, I thought you had gone forever, I hope your issues will soon be sorted. Talking about headless chickens, that’s what I am, trading wise. Your stuff has been very informative and I look forward to seeing more vids.

  2. hi, my first post on here and want to thank MG for all the video’s and insight into trading the horses, ive only been trading afew days and was really struggling at first but since watching all the video’s i seem to have got a feel for the markets, bar a couple of big mistakes where i went in running i would of been in profit last 2 days. I hope its not just beginners luck.

  3. Thanks for the update mg hope you are well , yes your right treading carefully at the min as a lot of “dumping” money happening lately , hope your back soon ,,jimmy

  4. Life comes first , whatever your issue is , i hope it becomes solved the way you want it to.
    Be well and hope to hear from you soon….


  5. Hi MG,

    I was wondering if you still have plans to make a recording of you trading an F1 race? I have been watching the Canadian Grand Prix tonight with the live timing screen open on the laptop and there seems to be a delay on the live timing screen behind the TV coverage. I know you mentioned the trick is to spot time gaps closing before the commentator announces it to gain a few ticks. Is this not a bit tricky with the delay in the timing screen? I didn’t have my bet angel open tonight so couldn’t make any observations but am keen to learn more about trading F1.

    Hope you are well and your issues are sorted soon. Looking forward to your return to continue educating people on this fantastic site.

  6. hope you are ok mate ,yes the markets do seem to have a lot of “dumping” money happening, my horse race trading has took another step forward since watching your vids , hope your back soon. cheers.

  7. I’ve missed your videos but it’s also good to see how my selection process is around the racing trades without any preview videos.

    Hope everything’s alright and looking forward to seeing you back soon, you’re an inspiration!


  8. Glad MG is safe and well.

    On a lighter note, has anyone wondered what MG looks like? Following his recent video where he discussed his heavy metal musical tastes, I thought I would share a pic I took of him at the gig: http://tinyurl.com/qb589t8

    Can see he looks a very switched on guy :o)

    • Classic Metal Line for folks in these here parts “You know I’m born to lose, and gambling for fools, but that’s the way I like it baby, I don’t want to live forever”

      Gold star if you can name the Artist and song! : )

  9. Hey Mugs,

    Hope whatever causing you grief gets sorted soon for you.

    To everyone else, was anyone involved on the 5.15 today at Brighton. Could do with a second opinion on what happened in there. Wiped out my days profits in a matter of minutes (on plus side it fairly tested my new discipline mode however). Crazy amounts being bombed on the lay side, not once not twice but three times pretty much immediately after i had a back bets on 1st and 2nd favourite. If i didn’t know better I would say Betfairs’ new moneymaking scheme is to flood market with cash to destroy trades. Somebody is cleaning up anyway. Happened on race before at 5 but I managed fix that for slight green and got out of dodge.

    • Hi Dave
      i didnt see that race i just finished reformatting my pc.
      but im telling ya there is some crazy shit happening in the markets.over the last 3 years ive seen some massive amounts.but this is happening all the time now and not making any sence,id say its some money laurndring ,or some shit like that ,its certanly not a sportsbook or a trader,its not a profatible tactic,,

      • Its infuriating, wish i had recorded it but markets were behaving all afternoon until then so didn’t bother. Why would anyone lay or back at a price worse than what’s already on offer. it makes zero sense.

        • It’s true, but we’ll have to wait longer to see if it is actually a new market characteristic or not. If it is, we can trade around it, if it isn’t then the culprit will either run out of money or get bored of it!

  10. Betfair will always match at the best price available so if you need to get matched fast drop it in at the top or bottom of the ladder depending on backing or laying and it will be matched at the best available cleaning out the prices until all matched, so a big punter putting £1000 into a thin market would have a big effect, in that case the price often comes back to the starting point but sometimes sets of at trend, hope that makes sense – Phil

  11. Hope you are ok Mugs!

    I too would love to see a video of you trading A GRAND PRIX as this would be totally new to me, Looking forward to seeing you back!

    All the best Craig

  12. I do beleive its money laundering…. think of it as i will loose €10 but will justify €1000 , this is not new , but its becoming more common….
    Maybe we need to move to the non-favorite horses…. until it goes away…. it does not usually lasts long… 1 month , 2 months tops….
    Lets wait and see….
    Mugs…Hope all is well….

  13. Hi mate ,just got back from a break and got straight onto your blog,sorry to hear you got some problems mate and hope it all works out good for you look forward to seeing you back soon mate all the best.

  14. MG, i hope you don’t mind mate if i put this up for people to check out who are struggling to get to grips with the ins and outs of learning to trade,its an article i found one night and its a good insight into the do’s and don’ts with learning to trade and i hope it may help some of your followers to get a better grasp on where they may be going wrong and avoid some of the costly pitfalls we all inevitably endure at some stage …The article is called sportztrade so anyone interested in having a read just search it and click on the prerace trading section as there are some very good pieces of advice and hope it will help out with getting on the right side of prerace trading. All the best to all the followers on MG’s blog and gl 🙂 ……… Hope you don’t mind me putting this up mg and just hoping to lend a helping hand for some who struggle to get to grips with it all but i apologise in advance if its wrong to do on your blog ,cheers mate let me know your thoughts all the best.

    • Hi mark and yes it is very informative and plenty of things we can all relate to in the article hope it helps people with certain things to get more from learning to trade gl mate just hope mg didn’t mind me putting it on as i have great respect for all he does for us and don’t want to offend him .. GL if trading today mate 🙂

  15. Hi leo just type in sportztrade in your browser hit search and it should come to top mate then click the pre race trading section and the article is there hope that helps.

  16. Hi MG
    Hope all is well, are you coming back as not seen anything here for a while. from anyone seems rather quiet.

  17. I’m worried. MG put his address on the “Inside Track” emails, and showed us all how he can make a load of cash trading. Could it be possible that criminal elements are forcing him to trade for them. Should the police at least be informed???

    I feel stupid typing this, but cant stop wondering.

  18. Hi guys and hopefully mg is just taking a break from the blog but it will be sad if he does not return as his advice on trading was the best i have ever come across!! If your not planning on a return mg then i will take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you put into doing this blog so others could learn from your experience and i wish you all the very best for whatever you do in the future …Take care mate hope everything works out for you. 🙂


    • I second that, MG has given so much more than he ever needed to this page and us who follow it, all for free. There’s still plenty of trading advice and help on here. If you ever come back MG it’ll be with open arms but if not, thank you for helping nudge me and others closer to being traders and it’ll not be forgotten!

      • Great mate doing well but if it wasn’t for mg i would def be stuck at a lower level ,stake size has increased now and yesterday had a cracking trade on Arctic Lynx made £112 on that trade alone backed at 10 out at 6.4 🙂 …Have been steadily improving on ladder and some lay systems that i was already using so things are all coming together nicely,be better when football season kicks in again and can’t wait for that…How are you doing mate ?

        • you use Mug’s way of trading or your way? 🙂 asking beacuse i dont know what is happening im on work in the morning … hmm its ok not good,trying to catch some early price from today for tomorrow … believe i can improve my bank so we will see 🙂 are you often on twitter?

          • I go through mugs routine each morning as usual for the b2l trades mate and there have been some real good results lately,but i also have 3 of my own systems going each day a back , a lay , and a trading system on certain races.My stake for b2l trades has gone upto £200 per trade now and that was only achieved by finding mg’s blog and watching his vids over and over again but i hope he will come back in the future and carry on , his advice was top notch and tons can be learnt from him , just hope he is ok all is well mate thats all.

  19. Hi Mugs and All
    Hope all is going well and hope Mugs will soon be back to put the excitement back into our trading again, the most genuine, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable person in the trading world.
    I’m sure everyone, like myself is checking his blog in the hope of hearing from him soon
    Thanks for everything

    • Without wishing to get all creepy and stalkerish, I see that Steve has logged in recently on the Bet Angel forum, so I guess he has some important personal matters to attend to before/if he resumes this page, and there’s no need for worry. It must be a big committment doing this every day!

      For those who haven’t seen it, and need their regular fix of MG wisdom, there’s a good thread on the Bet Angel forum where MG makes some typically wise points.


      Hope this helps, be lucky everyone.

      The Brig

      • The Brigadier,,,,,,,,hmmmmmmmm you already have a reputation on the internet forums for being a kind of wise ass,,please find some where else to spread your poison,,,ive read alot of your negative and sturring comments on the intenet already,,mugs is helping people here,,why dont you try it some time,,,really the world inst against you,,its you ,,!!!!!(Without wishing to get all creepy and stalkerish,) quote un quote,,,,
        marc brennan,,,,

        • Marc, I think you read my comments the wrong way mate. I think Steve has done a magnificent job for many people, me included. I wanted to show a previous poster who was worried about Steve’s welfare, that he was alive and well, just unable to post on here for his own reasons. I was referring to MYSELF as not trying to appear creepy and stalkerish by checking on the BA forum.
          As for your other comment I don’t know where you got that from, and I certainly don’t try to be a smart ass or spread poison, and I’ve reviewed my comments on this site.
          This site, and the people who run it and contribute to it are too good to get involved in a flaming war, so this is my last comment on the subject, I’m sorry you took my attempt at help the wrong way.
          I wish you well Marc.
          The Brig.

          • to all ..
            please accept my apolagies,,
            note to self…dont post comments on forums after drinking cans of larger all day in the sun,,,my judjement is obviously impared ,

  20. Just echoing peoples concerns,

    Hope you are well Steve.

    All the best


    PS. I love all your ladder trading videos, I always laugh at the drifter horse that had the hard-on 🙂

    priceless mate 🙂

    cheers MG, respect to you my good man.

  21. Hi

    Something strange has happened. I have learned so much from Mugs and it has really worked out for me, but now for a couple of days everything has turned around. If there is two strong horses against a week favourite you normally can lay the favourite, but now when I do it it turn the opposite way, the favourita come in and the other two drift. If the hole field looks weak and one horse´s chart is pointing down, you use to get involved in that horse, but now a second after I got involved it turns around and the horse drifts like hell. Can anyone tell me what is going on?

    Best regards

    • The racing has been changing a lot recently and some really poor fields have left even the better traders struggling to make money. Betfair are also doing a good job of killing off the exchange and it’s making things tougher too, just got to stick it out and adapt as the changes happen!

      Try and use progressive staking like mugs and don’t put any more in unless it moves in your favour. If it goes against you only lose a fraction of what you’d lose bunging it all in, and if it moves your way you can stick the rest in and take a larger profit. I broke my staking into 2/3 parts, and it’s brought my trading back into green with all the recent craziness.

    • lol ad you think that it is simple as that? Anything can happen, you must be aware of everytying everytime. You must check if the 2nd favourite is reaching a common support level at round odds and won´t keep steaming. Maybe it´s time for the favourite to come in, etc etc. It is not simple as watch 3 graphs and it´s done. And not even Mugs do that on the videos. Keep practicing.

  22. Does anyone else think the funny goings on with the markets the last 6 months is connected to this?


    I often felt someone knew my every move when trading and the manipulation was the worst I have ever seen in the few years I Hague been on Betfair. I thought it was my own bad trading and paranoia but after reading that today I am now beginning question what was actually going on.

      • Went back to my first love trading goals in the football. Horse trading either beyond me ever getting to grips with or is just too unpredictable nowadays. Partly could be too impatient actually, lots of little wins offset by big losses is no good for the old heart. Was fun learning and mugs has taught me a lot of good that I can take into other trading but il never be back onto horses. Good luck to those who do though.

  23. Does anyone else think the funny goings on with the markets the last 6 months is connected to this?


    I often felt someone knew my every move when trading and the manipulation was the worst I have ever seen in the few years have been on Betfair. I thought it was my own bad trading and paranoia but after reading that today I am now beginning question what was actually going on.

    • Well, Martin, a lot of how we think the markets are reacting is just that…what we think…if our mind-set is a little bit offset then our thoughts are that we cannot find anything.

      Take a step back and trade with your eyes (imagine…I would have got in at this price and exit at that price, stop loss at that price) and see what happens.

      Its amazing how easier the markets are to read when you have no risk. Do that a few times and note the profits (hopefully) and it will be an amazing boost to confidence.


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