Trades 19th Feb

1.50 Southwell LAY Roc De Prince 2.7 – STOP LOSS is 15% at 2.38

LAY FIRST and BACK BEFORE race starts on this one


2:50 Southwell BACK Corn Maiden 4.2 STOP LOSS is 15% at 5.0

4:35 Southwell BACK Multi Fours at 8.0 STOP LOSS is 15% at 9.4


Well I’m afraid it’s a losing day today. Small profit on Roc De Prince, but both the Back2Lays hit the Stop Loss. I’ll update the results page after racing. Still well in front for the week. Remember it’s small profits regularly using this method.

5 thoughts on “Trades 19th Feb

    • Steve that’s always the problem fella. My selections are NEVER before 10.00am – usually 10:15 – 10:30. I need to be better at communicating the trades. I am working constantly to do this. Your spot on with your decision to leave them today. It’s disappointing to miss out, but chasing the price is a huge mistake and one I guarantee will cost money in the long term. This a huge mistake that many make I feel. Take pricewise: The guy works out a VALUE bet. That’s the whole point of pricewise, it’s about getting VALUE. So he puts one up at 12/1. I would bet (if I were a gambling man 🙂 ) that most take 9/1 or 7/1. The price nearly always bounces at some point. You have a bet that is poor value, just because you don’t want to miss a winner. This is basic stuff that many fall into. The discipline you have shown marks you out as above average, you’ll do well. I should add that iff they move back out the chances are they will keep drifting, so be wary of getting on later.

    • Ales, That as you might have found out today is not a good idea. Look out for my article that will help you get the most from these trades. Hope you didn’t end up too bad today

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