Bread & Butter

The buzz around at the moment is my up and coming Master Class – I have changed the name. It is now the MG Trading Education Event(s) 🙂

For me this type of trade sums up what I am about. It isn’t fancy or clever. There is no complex market signals going on. No clever graph reading. Just spotting something pretty straightforward and taking advantage of it.

This is my bread and butter – Boring but consistent.


2 thoughts on “Bread & Butter

  1. Love watching your videos.
    First i watch without sound and try to ignore you and pick what i would have done, when i first started watching i was getting more than 50% wrong. Then i listen to you ……… seems im doing ok, getting more like 60% right.

    I would have gone on the 2nd favourite at 4.0 on around 4 mins to go and tried to hold on until 3.5 …………… a lot easier with no money on though.

    • Thanks for your comments John – hey there is more than one way to skin a cat. Whatever makes money is all good mate – Cheers MG

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